Lusaka ~ Thur, 26 Nov 2020

By Brightwell Chabusha

UPND Leader Hakainde Hichilema has refused to appear on a Diamond TV organized program to explain solutions to Zambia’s economic challenges.

Diamond TV had invited selected opposition leaders, among them Mr Hichilema, who claims has “magical economic solutions” but has chickened out at the last minute.

Only DP leader Harry Kalaba, MDC leader Felix Mutati, Green Party leader Peter Sinkamba and MMD’s Dr Nevers Mumba are the only ones appearing on the programme.

Others who were invited but didn’t show up are Socialist Party presidential candidate Fred M’membe and NAREP’s Steve Nyirenda.


  1. Chendabusiku

    When we say some of these leaders jumped into politics mainly to avoid going jail. They have nothing to offer the Zambian people. That is the hard truth. They have nothing to tell the Zambian people, absolutely nothing. All they do is to parrot the opposite. When there is light they say we want darkness and when there is darkness they say we want light. They have no intelligence of their own. That is why for the last five loses the man HH has been saying he has a 10 point plan, but the manifesto only God knows where it is hidden. When we finally find it, it will not be useful to anyone in this rapidly changing circumstances. So if you are waiting for Hichilema to tell you anything about economic issues you will not get it because he does not have any.

    • Kansiime

      @Chendabushiku you are absolutely right, I am of the same view as well. Surely, HH as well as all other opposition leaders should have taken this as an opportunity to sell themselves and their manifestos.

      • Truth

        Let the ruling part fix it…. why crying to the oppositions for the solution as if the one mess up. Checkmate

    • Koswe mposhi

      That meeting was targeted for small small upcoming leaders not the giant ones with excellent and brilliant ideas….am only disappointed that even Alex mulyokela was not there….we need leaders like data,who lost almost 3times for him to be on that seat…..who is the next one with such lost,that’s the one people of Zambia should target for,not from the blues or the Sky’s off is there

    • Vickram mubita

      You always say hh what and what.
      What about fred m’membe was he there too.
      Do you know the reason why hh was not there.
      Only people who understand family responsibilities and hh already told the pf and people of Zambia what to do so that the pf can move us in this mess they have putted us into.
      He addressed those question which coasta mwansa wanted to ask on advance last week.
      What else did you want hh to come and talk. He is busy with voter registration sensitisation

    • Penias sakala

      Sleeping without eating just for one day, it can’t make any difference, you can’t give advise and solutions to a stubborn person , don’t judge anyone

  2. George

    HH is losing again for the sixth time next year. He is a chimbwi no plan. He is far away from ECL in the race and he knows it well.

    • Amos

      He will win majority of Zambian are below poverty level things are too expensive a few can afford

    • Anonymous society

      @George, that’s an interesting point. Help me, how is HH or any other leader in the opposition far from ECL?

      • Vickram mubita

        Different between lungu and hh.

        1. Hh is an Economists while edgar is lawyer who don’t understand anything about economic development or issues.
        2. Hh with good reputation in professional history both local and international but mr lungu bad reputation , remember 2010 case when he stole money from the widow and his license was suspended.
        3. Hh is not a drunker but MR lungu mmmm he is mr Jameson.
        4. Hh doesn’t allow his mp’s to go around and preach tribalism because he believes that we are all one Zambia one nation and we all from God and been created in his own image and he follows the law of God which says love your neighbor’s as you love yourself and edgar mamama with his disciples abena Dora siliya, bowman, sikazwe, gbm busy preaching tribalism but he don’t tell them to preach peace, love and unite of the country.
        HH doesn’t allow corruption because of corruption we are facing debt defaults but mr edgar busy tolerating corrupt mp’s and ministers and buying firefighters at $1million each which is wrong price compared to real price and ambulances mmmmmm.
        6. Hh would have done with financial intelligent center report of 2019/2020 which showed corrupt people but mr lungu didn’t do anything about corrupt ministers in report.
        7. Hh would have done with criminals on gassing but mr edgar and his team have released those were arrested and we don’t hear them taken to court etc.


        They allot mwandi.
        It’s a sad thing to see youth like you thinking like this.

        • Jeff

          Brother man tell them am very much Happy with your words I think they ve now differentiate Bally Ni Bally o he didn’t talk anything about economy it’s oky as long as cheers…….?

  3. Jacob Zume

    It’s like people really want to hear HH speak about the economy…..Kkkk Sad…

  4. Maradona

    Ukuyibonesha ba HH. Fred mmembe too!

  5. Dorfrlyn Sojin

    HH is a man of integrity. You say your leader is capable to deal with the situation, why are you so Eger to hear from him? For those who appeared on television, they are just exposing their dulness. It’s of better off to confess that the current government has fail to the Financial matters. Don’t begg help indirectly. Just come out straight.” Ohh guys am down fall on such areas”. Simple. Who is HH to control the economy when someone is there bosting as a president and still claiming for third term without a vision. Shame to you dulls.

    • Jay1

      HH failed to show up because he knows nothing…..simple

      • Hymes Moyo

        It’s you who knows nothing…if he knows nothing, why are bothered by his absenteeism… Mwalichenjela kabili.for how long has this man been advising not to borrow unnecessary. Its your big mongo to chew.

      • Vickram mubita

        He is ECONOMISTS

      • Penias sakala

        But talking about him leave him alone

      • Kabungo Isaac

        What do you know your self

    • Major

      I think You are the one expressing your “dullness” sir. Before you bitterly talk on those who went on the Television last night of which you have never been. I would advise that you check your grammar because your poor use of sentences provides evidence of you actually being the one expressing “dullness”

  6. Diaspora.

    We need a presidential debate not a PF forum to tap ideas and use them as their own. Let’s hear what Lungu has in plan to sort out the USD 33billion debt, the corruption, violent PF cadres and a compromised police and judiciary. Let him come on screen against HH and we see who really has a plan for Zambia 2021 and beyond..



    • cozcowjr

      There is very little difference between Trump and HH. HH can’t debate meaningfully just like Trump simply because he knows it all. I have listened to him on several occassions and he has disappointed me, he like dictating interviews and he usually gets upset when he doesn’t like the question.

    • Vickram mubita


  7. FuManchu

    “to explain solutions to economic challenges” so you invite HH to participate when PF has not said they have failed to find solutions? Who in the first place needs these solutions? I don’t get it and article heading should not have read “HH fails” but rather “HH turns down invitation!” We don’t even know how the choice of discussants was made and mode of invitation. Under current circumstances I too would exercise my right to either accept the invitation or reject it!

  8. Deric Hachiswenya

    He is just good at providing insults as answers and thinks he is the only opposition leader in Zambia. Further more, he is a clueless politician

  9. CHIKA

    Hh’s has no economic ideas. He only works on what he sees. Do you remember when PF was having challenges with farming inputs, he came with “Paya Farmer “. When we were bettering Roads, “Will People eat Roads “. When he he sees success story, that’s when he speaks. He can’t have his own song to from, unless somebody starts a song, that’s when he remembers his song.

  10. Tel Aviv

    To every invitation there are only two answers , Positive feedback or negative. If it is mandatory for anybody to appear before any Invited TV program then he is wrong, but if not mandated anywhere, those saying all sorts of things against HH are naive. Who should be called first when things are failing, the sitting president or parading opposition leaders in the pretext that one wants to find out how they would solve the economic inbalances and uncertainties caused by ineptiness of those vested with power…? Hell no..
    HH can and will do better than the current status quo….the crop of mediocre minds running the affairs of our country.
    In 2015,the current president openly he has no vision and these are the results and now you want someone indirectly provide solutions for stupidity….. Damn you….hell no.
    This time around Zambia needs HH than nobody.

    • Menyani

      Better a loser with dignity rather than a miserable failure in victory

  11. Tel Aviv

    To every invitation there are only two answers , Positive feedback or negative. If it is mandatory for anybody to appear before any Invited TV program then he is wrong, but if not mandated anywhere, those saying all sorts of things against HH are naive. Who should be called first when things are failing, the sitting president or parading opposition leaders in the pretext that one wants to find out how they would solve the economic inbalances and uncertainties caused by ineptiness of those vested with power…? Hell no..
    HH can and will do better than the current status quo….the crop of mediocre minds running the affairs of our country.
    In 2015,the current president openly SAID that he has no vision and these are the results and now you want someone indirectly provide solutions for stupidity….. Damn you….hell no.
    This time around Zambia needs HH than nobody.

  12. 2yk

    This HH thing is just Talker my friend.

  13. Jackal

    Why cant they feature Mr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu to explain the economics challenges he has created and how to come out of it?

    • Kansiime

      Sport on, Jackal…!!! This President has never been interviewed to explain where he is taking this country. This is not healthy. We need our President to talk to us as we go along. Those ZNBC speeches and interactions with the chiefs are not enough.

    • Pussinboots

      But we know who should provide economic solutions to this great nation but he’s quiet. In fact, he has never featured on any economic or political debates organized before…most importantly, he has not accepted that this country is on its knees because of him…what solutions are you people trying to come up with when your government has not conceded failure? Wasn’t this a misplaced debate in the first place? Kaili bvuto palibe. Why wasting people’s time?

  14. Senior Chris

    True saying, they just want to talk ideas indirectly.how many times has the PF been advised.why inviting someone who you don’t believe in his ideas to come and give ideas to the people who are failing but still not confessing that they have failed?if he knows nothing about economics how does he his companies and businesses survive?he knows,he has the ideas and he will fix the economy because he is not money hungry.don’t doubt what you see,don’t doubt what you know.we want him very much this time around than any other .let him try as others have tried and failed.

  15. Lethal Weapon

    HH did well not to appear on that shitty program….even if you provide solutions to this government, they won’t implement them….all they know is stealing whatever money is available….that’s why come 2021 bachoka ba swine….only a very stupid person can vote for the P F with everything that they have done to this country…load shedding, corruption everywhere, stealing everything and everywhere, dictatorship all over,economy crumbling everyday….muleya nangu chibe shani.

    • Kansiime

      Hh needs to take advantage of every opportunity to sell himself, period! Don’t take people for granted that they all know what he’s doing and wants to do for the country.

  16. Lethal Weapon

    And all those idiots supporting the p.f coz they benefit through tuma contracts or as Chola boys for the corrupt big wigs,mudyele tu coz come next year no more bu kandile.
    Tu commander tonse mukashala imisakalala ba mumbwe.

  17. Max

    It’s too late to copy ideas from other people namufulwa kale.ati Sata’s Vision kwia uko!HH will rule like mwanawasa did.you will see.the kwach will start catching up with the dolar.farmers will not complain anymore.retirees will get their money,electricity will not be expensive as it is,loadshading will be no more,mealie meal prices will be affordable,school fees will come down,justice will be there in the courts,caderism will be no more,though it will not be done in a day (because the damage is hug)but you will see the fruits.let him rule,give him a chance,at least we have seen his perseverance and determination.he just want to help,he lacks nothing and he will not lack anything.if the whites,the educated can see light in HH,they can see hope in HH,elo iwe ati tapali,finshi wasambilila ukucila ama students na abasungu iwe.he has been invited several times in different institutions hmmmm,imwe,Ni jealous?mulekeni ateke

    • Kansiime

      You will be shocked! You think because HH is a farmer so he will improve agriculture in the country? You are mistaken big time. Hh is more greedy than ECL. Hh will not do anything to help other farmers catch up with him. Hh wants to be the only richest farmer, in case you don’t know. He wants everyone to be celebrating his farming success and not any other person’s. Look at Chilufya Covid Chitalu…he’s a medical doctor but look at how he is running down the hospital in the country….no medicines but rats in hospitals….eisshhh….ati be medical doctor…ati ba minister…. ECL, please fire this character. Our patients are dying unnecessarily, our doctors and nurses are not being properly looked after….appoint people who can work not this sleepy medical doctor who is only interested in chewing Covid 19 donations….the fake disease created by joebiden and his cohorts Bill Gates and Obama.

  18. Leee

    I don’t know where our country is heading,most of us are just reacting ignorantly without even knowing the reasons why hh turned down the invitation.To begin with,How to you find a solution without a problem?
    Someone said,”ifwe tulebomba utupuba tuleti we’re doing nothing. “If those words came from hh ngalicula every pf sympathiser would have been using it to shoot him down,but with the man who said it,it’s soup kulatobelafye.
    I think this is the biggest problem we have in Zambia,we don’t like accepting the truth the way it has come out.
    So after accumulating debts and failing to pay,the current government and its followers still think they’re geniuses.
    The exchange rate of dollar and kwacha even Tz shilling,is something to be sorry about,but they still give it a blind eye.
    So many corrupt cases have come up,but we zambians are not interested in them.we don’t want to call the responsible people to explain why things are like this,but you put the burden on someone who is not responsible for the mess up.

  19. Max

    Ba president tabalandapo ukucita icalo pamafya tukwete,elo mulefwaya abantu bbi ati balande.mwebena Zambia tulibamo nangu tupusane ukotufuma nemitundu.betupusanya nokutwakanya.kaunda to Data takwali ifya kapatulula.abantu nafilwa elo balelanda at tukapita my 2021,ifintu tafili bwino Ben’s ATI tukaba votela nakaili.ninshi batumona Shani fwebale boys?balitusula,what do they take us for?they dont care to solve our problems,all they know is to retain power.look imisebo ifyo yabipa,chinsali to nakonde,solwezi to mwinilunga,kazungula to sesheke,chipata road,nchelenge road.monei ifyo fertilizer,umufundo udulile,amataba nayachipa,amalaiti amadukulu,bushe ngatwabapela naimbi 5 years fikaba Shani ifintu,ngana nafilwa my 10 years iyo batekeke,bushe muli 5 emo bengateka bwino?inkongole bakongila muli 10 years bachila Pali UNIP ifyo yakongwele mu 27 years iyo kaunda aatekele,Inga impiya shiya kwisa? Nimumatumba yabo.natwiluke mwebekala calo.abana besu bakacula ngatatwacinje.natwesheko ubuteko bumbi.ubwaba PF under Lungu tapali isubilo(hope)

  20. Old Mzee

    This was an opportunity to explain to the Zambian people how our opposition leaders want us to be governed and what economic plans they have.
    HH has lost direction and is now more confused than ever before.He is now like a boxer who has been knocked down three times but beats the count each time ,
    all he wants is the fight to end to avoid being knocked out and suffer embarrassiment.
    Chickening out of such an important debate is cowardice in short the man has no plan.

  21. knereus simfukwe

    I thought this was more important than the debate hh has been looking forward to, so that some of us could hear his side economic wise since he claims to have economic recovery solution. Sata spoke solutions openly and the ruling party of time where seen not to have a solutions hence the change of government was effected. In my opinion i feel he should have done the same to win our confidence too

  22. Dif

    If you smile in a dark night who is going see you even if you have a beautiful smile, selling nice cakes in black covered containers is as good as not selling at all , most of us are in position of not knowing who can deliver and to be honest I’m also disappointed with hh backing out when I wanted to hear how he can recover the economy if all he can but now I see that he is just one man that likes to condemn without solutions. Lost your chance from me period.

  23. Chiko

    HH was not suppose to be there because among the time which was present is the next Zambia’s President. Next year’s elections people will be supprised the ones they see to be underdoggy parties form Government.

  24. Maano

    Why didn’t PF appear on the programme?

  25. Hymes Moyo

    Today that’s when you want to hear him.all this longtime you gave bally deaf ears.IN YOUR DREAM MWANA.YOU WILL NEVER.ELO BWACHA KULI IWE KA.KKKKKMK

  26. Adviser

    Maano – PF need not appear on these prograns because we already know their failures. The reason why we need the opposition to feature on these programs is because we want to know who the alternative can be – unless you do not know that the opposition want to be the party in power.

  27. Tito Banda

    Firstly let me declare a conflict of interest in my response as I am an ardent UPND card carrying member, however some opinions that I may include in my response does not reflect those of the party or its President.
    Secondly, I challenge the Editorial Board of this hogwash rag to provide me an opportunity to rebut to this unprofessionally written article. The number nincompoop that wrote this fecal dump did not even reach out to HH to ascertain why he did not avail himself on the fora. People such as the author and this publication have eroded the trust enshrined in the fourth estate of democracy (journalism) by using it to report political propaganda and maliciously tainted political cheap shots at perceived political oppents of their paymasters.

    • Mutale

      Is he the President of Zambia for him to be doing that his not yet the President and you are all counting on him if the same President Edgar Lungu has failed what more someone who is not yet in government even he doesn’t know what happens in that same corrupt government leave him his just a person also ask the President Lungu whose doing nothing

    • Kansiime

      @Tito Banda, you are the type who talk and want to listen to your own voice….kkkk…make George Mpombo your friend!!

  28. Nzelu

    If HH has solutions for Zambia this was an opportunity for him. The fact that he did not show up at the last minute simply means he does not know how to deal with the current economic situation in Zambia.

    Let him just shout up and stop dreaming about things that cannot revamp the economy.

    • Next King

      Nzeluless…HH is the main opposition leader. ECL should be the one to explain what has happened first. He is the sitting President. When Covid hit us he was cajoling with arms dealers and had to be dragged to address the nation. We have a President who does not know what it expected of a Head of State when a country is in crisis. KK even went as far is considering resignation on account of too much alcoholism in the country. He would condemn corrupt government officials openly. What do we have here… A system totally overrun by rampant corruption. A judiciary that is now renowned for being compromised. It is time for change otherwise civil strife will change this political lot.

  29. Manganga

    Those who think Hichilema will ever rule Zambia dreamers! As long he has that dirty background of saying “only a Tonga can lead UPND, then we fear when its time the Tongas will only a Tonga can take over from Hitchilema. The big question I have for the tribal supporters of Hichilema is, ” where will the votes come from for him to win the presidency?”. Southern province alone will not make him win. HH and his fellow Tongas should not think that the bad economy will make Hichilema win. No! You dont base winning on weakness of others, but its based on your strength? So where is Hichilema’s stength? Nowhere! HH is not just presidential material! He’s not a good public speaker. He’s a tribalist. He’s up for revenge tribally! HH is a crook, privatization crook! No he can’t get majority votes from the North and East. Copperbelt urban can’t give him votes because he participated in creating misery there, selling our beloved mines! HH supporters bless for another loss, number 6! Even in 2016 i asked HH supporters the same question am asking now, they told me he had taken over the Northern region! Alas he had not, he lost miserably in the North! Even now his supporters are saying he’s popular in the North! Zero! 2021 he lose even more miserably because UPND won’t be able to rig like they in 2016 in Southern province. Double or treble voting will not be there in 2021! Wins Azalila!

  30. Mshota

    I am thinking what the possible reason could be that this conversation turned HH. why haven’t you told us what the other guys who attended the meeting discussed? wasn’t this whole thing targeted on him and he smelled it and avoided it? some reporters in Zambia are very unprofessional. literally every single thing they write about very unnecessarily turns political. It’s too much HH this, HH that. can’t we have someone talking about development without mentioning this name.
    On the other hand, I think this man is powerful and capable of running a country. I draw this from the hatred some people and the government have against him , and he’s able to stand? as in he hasn’t been taken down like some people we know who when they think HH Will win they join him,when he loses they join the winner. Honestly,I’d be glad to see HH rule Zambia. someone who develops himself, almost definitely can develop others

  31. Mapiki Hamusonde

    But you as a media you are supposed to invite Edgar lungu so that we hear what plan he has to recover the economy. HH will tell as when he gets in office next year august as a President .

  32. Clergyman

    Mnganga, you are evil and tribalist.

  33. Akapondo

    I didn’t listen to the program and I guess may people like me didn’t mos no impact

  34. Mutale

    And I don’t know why people are using tribal for HH you are tribalist. Edgar Lungu has made a very large debt crisis that the Chinese even want to get hold of the mines in Zambia all of them then later I saw him buying a president jet. I was hearing again that Lungu is not even Eligible for 2021 elections but they made him to be but why should he continue you want to see real suffering then people will change their minds maybe you are used with suffering or when the dollar turns k50 or k100 I don’t know why people are even mentioning HH alot everytime they are not even worried about this country just a person them they have failed why HH never came was because the PF want to use his plans and they closed prime tv even why? Let Edgar find ways to fix this economy am just surprised people are still supporting him lol

  35. He want to be the president so is conduct make the people lose confidence in him

    HH will lose again because of his behavior like is already a president otherwise Zambian will never vote him. if he behave like thise now what if he become the the president will people have respect otherwise guys thise is not a man to put in office

  36. Chichi

    But why not bringing the President on the platform so that he tells us how they will pay the US$42m which the bond holders are asking for

  37. Ceejeyy

    You people you are funny. Why call HH when ECL has not even told us how the credit was arrived at. Wina in Parly openly said Zambia will not default and payment was to be done, the following day Zambia defaulted. Call ECL and Wina to tell us how they arrived to $42 million dollars. Where does the money for toll gates go to? Not HH don’t bring fake politics of blame here. ECL, Wina and Finance Minister are the ones you should interview so that they can tell us how the debts were gotten. HH has brain people he is not like these yuma president, HE IS HH THE THE NEXT PRESIDENT GOD CHOSEN.

  38. Trump

    ECL and PF will not be voted out of office. The people will hound them out!

  39. George Mainza

    In steady of asking ECL to provide zambia’s economical solution, you want HH to tell you his plans, how can you expect some one you don’t trust, to come and give advice to people who do not listen from the opposition. HH palishino nshiku nachinja amano ,mwila mona kwati nafulungana pamulandu wakupona imiku shalekanalekana. awe ena alemona kwati kumusetinga.

  40. Mwits

    The country is in debt utupuba tuletalika. The fora was for small parties. You can’t sleep without mentioning HH.

  41. Maxwell Mutesya

    The ten point economic recovery of upnd has been working since the magande-mwanawasa( mhsrip) mmd rule but because only HH and his close friends understand it it is still being misapplied by characters like Lubinda in pf. With all the hatred surrounding HH it is illogical to invite him to advise his political enemies. In almost over 64 comments in this article bemba has been used more than any other languages proving beyond reasonable doubt that the most tribalistic group of people are bembas. “Ubomba mwibala alya mwibala” is one of the sayings coming the Head of State called Zambia indirectly or directly encouraging theft in the country. All these have contributed to the continued down fall of the economy. In my opinion HH is not likely to come out in the open to discuss anything for fear of his tongue slipping off some thing that can jeopardize his chances of being on the ballot in next year’s general election. He is incomparable!

  42. Jms

    A shameless father affects children as king David did why didn’t lungu be involved, uneducated reporter.

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