Opinion | Imbwili Should Stop Mabilibili

We have taken note of the moving comments from former Minister of Information Dr Chishimba Kambwil that he regrets his actions against government.

It’s sad that Dr Kambwili is saying this when it’s too late.

Gracious God has allowed him to be outside prison after his appeal, otherwise he would have spent Christmas in prison after he was convicted by the courts of law.

Dr Kambwili is regreting because his pocket cannot keep money to pay lawyers as he goes to court almost everyday.

We sympathize with him because we understand the cost implications of dating the courts.

But on the other hand, Dr Kambwili being a former Minister of Information and a politician, should have known the consequences and dangers of opening his mouth anywhere, anytime, anyhow and everywhere.

Dr Kambwili wanted to be more Zambian that anyone, he wanted to sound intelligent than anyone, he wanted to be smart than anyone but things do not work like that in life.

His mouth has landed him in problems and if only he can use the same mouth to put things in place, his life will be back to normal.

There is no need to keep quiet when the government is doing wrong but it becomes a problem to be nosy and noisy even when not necessary.

We also suspect that Dr Kambwili has “infected” his opposition alliance partner Hakainde Hichilema with vulgar language.

Because of late, Dr Kambwili has been quiet and his alliance partner has taken the floor by insulting and issuing unsubstantiated claims.

We, however, urge Dr Kambwili to indeed reflect on his recent behavior and replan his political future.

It’s not too late to reconcile with the people he has attacked, perhaps he has accused them of things that might not exist.

It will not be bad as well to go back to his former party and join the rest as we believe there is nothing wrong to fight the percieved wrong things within than outside.

Otherwise, Imbwili should stop mabilibili!



  1. George

    My humble opinion is that Mr Kambwili or ulukasu should swallow his pride and go back to PF. He belongs to PF period. PF loves him so very much. ECL likes him 100% as well. Kambwili go back to the party you belong PF.

  2. youths with substance

    Naimwe ba brightwell u are not very bright! that head line could also put u problems… be proffesional in headlining ur articles.. Now 4 kambwili take care of yourself and family u stl have money and houses wt aircone unlike the auther of ths grade one article.

  3. Musyani

    He must account for his case not that he goes back then his case disappears as well,the man has no integrity according to me ,he is a fake and a crook.

  4. Double_G

    Government please pay the youths who worked as map data correctors

  5. Old Mzee

    My advice to CK is Mwikala Patalala mwine apatalika. CK should go back to PF the alliance with UPND wont work.
    Learn from expeience-UPND has had so many Vice Presidents-Sakwiba Sikota-Lozi,Chisanga-Bemba-Sichinga-Namwanga-GBM Bemba-Cannicious Banda -Ngoni,
    and others all those were sidelined so who is CK to lie in bed with HH the chameleon.
    CK get back to your sences and do what is needful.

  6. Filungula Namenshi

    The mouth which put him in trouble has now disappointed him because it can not undo the damage done. Anione anione anagwela pabantu

  7. Cosmas Moonga

    PF should not accept until such a time when he is cleared by the courts of law on the pending appeal om the fraud convictin and now the Presidential plane issue.

  8. Pharaoh

    OLD MZEE, I agree with you but how can some one form an alliance with another political party when he still have a record of previous conviction and he’s still a convict and he’s not.sure that by appealing whether against sentence or conviction he will resurrect from his present situation and gain momentum after a stroke he’s under going ?..

    • Cozcowjr

      Data collecters or correctors. Just hope they collected correct data because from where I stand… mmm… Wrong data and probably the reason they have not been paid.

  9. Wako


  10. Jms

    Its unfortunate and shame to such reports, I wonder if we have good reports who report bearing in mind that its people’s platform to give their views, for me I don’t blame the reporter but his origin. Shameless, when you graduate it means you have been saved now its up to you now to save others intelligently the way you were.

  11. Kakumbi

    That’s politics for you

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