Samfya ~ Thur, 26th Nov 2020

By Brightwell Chabusha

The ECL-MPEC program has continued to change lives in Luapula Province with 477 cooperatives benefiting in Bangweulu constituency.

ECL MPEC National Coordinator Evelyn Banda has disclosed that President Edgar Chagwa Lungu has empowered 477 cooperatives in Luapula province so far under phase one and two and Bangweulu being the latest.

Ms Banda says the program is on going because President Lungu has directed that the team should go out and help the people of Zambia without leaving anyone behind.

And PF Bangweulu Constituency Member of Parliament Anthony Kasandwe has praised President Lungu for empowering cooperatives in his constituency with various items through the ECL MPEC.

The duo was speaking when the Edgar Chagwa Lungu Multipurpose Empowerment Cooperative (ECL MPEC) handed over various empowerment packages to cooperatives in Samfya district.

He added that he is grateful to President Lungu for his commitment to improve the livelihoods of the poor in Bangweulu constituency and the whole of Samfya district.

“The President has given you these empowerments so that you turn them into wealth for yourselves and others around you,” he said.


  1. Concern citizen amplified

    That’s good ECL not these other politicians like red party leader who empower people through insults.

  2. Moses

    Good to hear from you concerned citizen. You mean the red party leader who lost election for five times and he is losing again in 2021

  3. 2yk

    Good Sir . Other just boost of being the richest in the country. But for them to share that they have consaunt the gosts

    • Sing ton k

      stupid! y u embicile guys likes commenting nosensely. Y talking about HH is there anything about him. Weza weyi wasupa

    • Sing ton k

      lungu is using your money, my money but HH its private money think before u open your chamber. Wundi wamukukulwayi itupa deyi

  4. Felix

    ECL is using tax payers money and that is what any govt supposed to be doing. HH has private money..Is there any university or large hospital in Luapula?

  5. Katuya Kumbele

    @ Cocerned Citizen, dont compare ECL to HH becouse Lungu is using tax payers money,but Hichilema uses his own money ,(kamubuzya mutanikulabaliki biyo kamutazi a mali acisi mbwaabelesegwa) it’s better you ask and know how your tax helps us to develop our nation.

  6. kelvin D Mulanga

    We vote a head of state to preside over our national state, national assets including finances. Therefor a head of state can decide to distribute the state resources to need groups and for development. That is a constitutional right, if anyone is agreived they should tell their MPs to pass a bill to stop the head of state from doing such things, otherwise they should keep quiet.

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