Ba ECZ, We Know You’ve Improved On Voter Registration But An Extension Is Needed

The latest updates from the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) by its Chief Electoral Officer Patrick Nshindano give hope that we can have an effective electoral process.

The commission is responding to all the concerns being brought forward by stakeholders.

The concerns of having few kits in registration centres have been addressed, just like the issue of man power.

We are being told that several additional staff have been deployed to beef up the shortage of human resource.

The issue of operational hours has also been addressed with a position that all Civic centers across the country will be operating 24 hours a day for the remaining period of Voter registration.

This is the type of an electoral body any stakeholder needs, or perhaps wants.

The commission is now being patriotic and effective, a thing which is expected of an independent body.

We however do not agree with a position that an extension of the registration is not guaranteed.

Why do we disagree with the commission?

We are disagreeing not because we know that attaining the 9 million voters target is not realistic,NO! It is because the process initially started with teething problems.

People took days to start receiving a proper service and who accounts for those days that were lost?

Besides, at some point, the machines stopped working because some passwords were need.

Who accounts for that lost time?

We understand that we are behind time and that ECZ needs more time to prepare for nominations and later elections but an extension is just a must.

If ECZ does not want to extend, then let them beef up all the centres again and increase working hours in all the centers as they need to create two shifts – day and night.

We are sure they should have the money because we never saw any massive voter registration campaign exercise like always.


  1. cpv95

    Thank you for your words and we love you -PTkrewe

  2. Pharaoh

    The ECZ must make everything possible to allow illegible citizens squire the document, failure to,shall be one of the excuses for a petition to some political parties after elections.

  3. Razor

    On average it takes 3 hours for one to get a voters card and you are saying you won’t extend? Voting is a constitutional right of every zambian which you cannot deny because of your failures. You will extend without fail unless you also need to be taught a lesson like the Bahati MP.

  4. Pharaoh

    Razor,at least you are enough talking something sensible unlike the past where I used to monitor ur contributions. This platform is availed to share our opinion educative knowledge concerning current affairs issues the way each individual takes or understands it without insults cause,its One Zambia and one Nation.

  5. DOG OUT

    You can stop even today.l got my VOTERS CARD YESTERDAY.IAM FOR PF.

  6. True Man

    In the last registration all wards had a registration point, registration period was 3 months.. This time you ou’ve reduced both registration and registration period. Everything in PF is useless

  7. JMS

    When ever you are remaindered of the mistake taken 3 or 4 times the conclusion is failure. Don’t be reminded as if you take that big job alone, thats being Wicked.

  8. Luck

    Balundeko inshiku inshingi up to 31 December, 2020.

  9. Collins Teembo

    Every eligible Zambian person MUST be on the Voter register by August 2021

  10. B

    Yes I also think an extension of voters registration can be fair enough to all Zambians. For online registration, I also think can be effective enough considering that of the people in rural areas have no access to the internet on phone or Cafe, the best way to go is just to extend the voters registration period

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