Chief Mnukwa Urges Subjects to Guard against Vote Buying

Chief Mnukwa of the Ngoni people in Chipangali District has urged people not to be swayed by vote-buying politicians

He said people should vote for leaders who tell the truth in their campaigns.

“What I want to say is that, please we should not be bought, lets choose a leader who tells you the truth. Those that you think can help, so dont just vote because they have given you Chitenge material, no. Dont say that one did not give me money so I cant vote for him or her, no but listen to the message,” Chief Mnukwa said.

He told Breeze FM that Zambia was a democracy where people should choose leaders of their choice.


  1. Impi

    I am so proud to hear a fearless Ngoni chief talk sense. Nothing like support this or that party. Chief Mnukwa, a true Ngoni warrior. We are proud of you Nkosi!

  2. Lovemore

    We need people like you Chief Mnukwa

  3. HervRena

    This wise chief from the east is really fair.Ive seen many chiefs who politicise and support whoever passes by as long as he brins brown envelopes, especially bemba chiefs.Let of stop buying people.

  4. Likandoilute

    These are the leaders we want in a democratic State

  5. Jms

    Truly your intelligence will prevail among your subjects and they shall obey what ever God shows you to let them. Let it be som

  6. Herald

    When it comes to health Jpeei clinic is the best in Lusaka

  7. Malumbo Lungu

    I need your Phone number Ba yete kosi.You are really a brave leader Your Highness.Some traditional leaders are not Bold and courageous.Once given Ka brown envelope nishi kwasila.

  8. Police Man

    Your Highness I believe you are a true leader among the leaders. May the almighty father God bless your leadership bayete nkosi yama nkosi, and continue encouraging People like that so that those who are blind can see. People are being bought by giving them mealie meal and money and vote bcoz of that. I salute you Nkosi

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