Facebook Post Draws Defamation of the President Charge for Solwezi Man

A 21-year-old man of Solwezi North Western Province has been arrested and charged with defamation of the President.

Alex Munganga, of Messengers compound is alleged to have published defamatory remarks on his Facebook account against President Edgar Lungu.

North Western Province Police Commissioner Elias Chushi has confirmed the development stating that the suspect is currently in police custody.

He said the suspect published statements aimed at bringing the name of the President into ridicule.

Mr. Chushi stated that police managed to track the suspect who has been arrested, charged, and will appear in Court soon.

Munganga, becomes the second person to be arrested and charged with defamation of the President in the last one week.

Police in Kitwe last week arrested Lawrence Kasonde and charged him with the similar offence.


  1. JMS

    Why the suspect when their is no suspinsion but the accutual culprit, be careful when accusing because most of these people are just suspected,be truthful, faithful and patriotic to maintain patriotism in the nation by asking why one did what by throughly probing on his behaviour but if you still have more of such offernders judge by opening your minds on how to solve the situation otherwise you are creating a boam amongst yourselves. Nowadays prophets have fear which is leading to non prophets to act wisely because even you you can’t figure out why such behaviours is allowed and if God has another way of articulating issues. Judges can be stubborn as samson etc.

  2. Jms

    Mind you these are teenages reacting to their uncle,(leader) or maybe have you consulted the uncle on the matter or you are acting on behalf whilst him just watching.

  3. 2yk

    This Chap should be canned he has no respect for erlders.I wonder if he has parents.They think they are helping hakayende hiyeka.My friend his children are preparing for holiday in sychells.Iwe uzawola mumacell

  4. Black machende

    How many are you going to arrest

  5. 2yk

    Insulting elders is disrespect ful

  6. Pharaoh

    Insults are not good at all.It just exhibits one reputation.

  7. Lethal Weapon

    The current president alone has received more insults than all his 5 predecessors put together….people are angry,frustrated,hopeless because if the happenings in the country….load shedding, a crumbling economy, reduced democratic space,rampant stealing and corruption,very high levels of unemployment….my advice is don’t insult the president, just vote him out next year if you are angry like most citizens….if you insult him,they’ll lock you up and you won’t even vote next year because the defamation of president case carries a minimum sentence of 5 years…mulesalapuka bane.

    • Wandi

      The currently president has received more insults due to social media followed by the 4th, 3rd. People now hide i social media and insult everyone. Some people use FB and they do not even imagine that they can be traced.

  8. Chendabusiku

    There can never be any justification for insults. The shallow minded will raise issues such as why is this president insulted more than others, times have changed people can communicate more and is easier to get to reach a wide population than before. The only thing we must do is to crush this ugly bahaviour wherever it raises its ugly head. So it is not true to I sinuste that ECL has been defamed more than others heads of state No that is a layman’s conclusion with no substance to it,.

  9. Lethal Weapon

    Don’t insult the man even if he has to go…just vote him out because if you insult him balemikaka and mukashotesha ama votes yakumufumya….
    Ba police you are very efficient in arresting aba defamation of the president, enga aba gassing ilyashi lyafika pesa?.

  10. Dorfrlyn Sojin

    You all sound not to understand what defamation is. Defamation is not an insult. Defamation is you accuse someone to have done wrong,yet you fail to prove it. Be it theft adultery or wrong driving or parking. Insulting is another matter. Wait to hear what the guy will say. If he didn’t insult the persistent, then he has a right to sue the on charge of defamation of characters.

    • Dorfrlyn Sojin

      I mean to sue the state. A fine example is Edith Nawakwi. She accused HH, and later failed together the supporting documents to him wrong.

  11. 2yk

    Do insult innoncent pipp Like our frustrated Friend hikayende hikucourt 2021

  12. 2yk

    Don’t insult

  13. KC

    What charge could this be,Libel or Slander?

  14. Jms

    Its unfortunate with regard to the enclosed insults mentioned Indeed so called fake reasonable people accusing to be insulted instead they have been rebuked. Please insults should be mentioned for us to be sure otherwise where cheating is also respect declines thats why its necessary to tell the truth so that we decide who is wrong nomatter how big you may be never to under let the minority, we know its bad but for so long since the president was elected to date unless he has been insulting for almost these years, but impossible no-one can be. Those arguing without deciding why and how must check their anger.

  15. Jms

    2yk is surprised to learn that even youths are open and are willing to die for their country check what occurred to Daniel, Abedinegol, mesheck and Shadreck,due to the need of the regime you maybe in human or personnel trouble, just stick to God for you to be faithful to your neighbor.

  16. 2yk

    Insults just reviews the upbringing . and the home that fellow comes from. Besides that the caliber of the Person.Out of the abandance the mouth speakth.

  17. 247

    Maturity shown when someone is doing what’s very acceptable to everyone… For you who are supporting nonsense of insulting how can you feel if its your family whom they defame or insult … ???? Just know wether you insult or not but they be only one party which will win the the election.. .. Be mature and show education In your mind by stop supporting nonsense either from PF or UPND …

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