Carewell Clinical Officer on the Run after Raping Nurse

A 31-year-old nurse of Carewell Private Clinic in Kitwe has allegedly been raped by a clinical officer of the same institution identified as Mathew Fwalanga.

Copperbelt Deputy Police Commissioner Bothwell Namuswa who has withheld the name of the victim said the incident happened right at the health institution while the victim was in duty.

Mr. Namuswa said the suspect had remained behind to study after he knocked off from official duty.

He has explained that the victim had asked to use the suspect’s phone but as she returned it the suspect grabbed her hand and twisted it and forced himself on her.

“The victim asked for help from the suspect to phone the security guard to come back to the clinic so that she can send him to buy food. It was at this point that the clinical officer took advantage of the victim knowing that they were only two in the clinic and twisted her right hand from behind before pulling her into the ward. He then forced her to bend down and pulled down her uniform trousers and the pant,” he said.

Mr. Namuswa said attempts by the victim to shout for help did not yield any results as there was no patient at the hospital at the time the incident happened.

He added that after finishing the act, the suspect is alleged to have left the health institution and is currently on the run.

Mr. Namuswa said police have since launched a manhunt to bring the suspect to book while the victim has been taken into hospital for medical examination and treatment after she complained of abdominal pains.


  1. Joseph Mumba Kawimbe

    That Fwalanga idiot must be arrested quickly and locked away for life before he rapes another woman. I think he is a sick man and a danger to society.

  2. Nsanzya girl

    Too bad.I hope the man is not sick otherwise……in duty?on duty?

  3. Luck

    Fun story

  4. Malumbo Lungu

    Pure GBV.

  5. JMS

    It is understood that the victim asked for the phone from the suspect Imaging how difficult this nurse had working without a phone mistake number one, I wonder how a clinic serving people will just have one or two people on the site mistake number two. Wastage when other areas need clinics when that clinic stays without people mistake number three. You see nowadays or even before but nowadays its worse, when ever a woman says anything concerning a man their is no doubt that man has to fill it. And some women think they can be staying with a man for a longer period without drinking Fanta, impossible you can’t, imagine Eva was a culprit then but now its visevesa nomatter how you stay with a man it will be him penetrating between the matter you think is difficult for you.


    But ba fyalenga mwampapusha,hw can u do that?

  7. NURSE


  8. The great one

    I still doubt the authenticity of this story. Surely there seems to have been little or no struggle from the victim. It was like “cita efyo ulefwaya kanshi.” Maybe they had been fretting for a while and now this time he only went an extra mile..Any way, if he is guilty, let the law take its own course.

  9. PMZ

    No complaint because the nurses have completely faced their fate of being half naked, I mean, nurses have a dressing which actuate men’s sexual desires. Please put on cloths of your age to minimize such scenes.

  10. Jay jay formart in kazungula at East star radio

    I would say that this kind of events have been tempted for so long. Today it has been an act am sorry for what happened to you dearest sis.

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