Criminals Steal ECZ Printers In Kitwe

By ZR Reporter

Thieves in Kitwe have stolen two printers belonging to the Electoral Commission of Zambia.

The unknown criminals broke through the office of the Head Teacher at Twashuka combined Secondary School where the ECZ kit is kept.

This has resulted into paralysing the issuance of voters cards at Twashuka Combined Secondary School Polling station.

Copperbelt Deputy Commissioner of Police Bothwell Namuswa has confirmed the development in Kitwe.

He said no arrests have been made so far but investigations have been instituted.

“We received a report if breaking in a building and committing a felony through Garnaton Police station. It was reported that at 10:55 hours by female Rosemary Shawa as an assistant registeration officer field who reported that this happened between 30th November at 21:40 hours and 1st December 2020 at 06:40 hours at Twatasha School in Kitwe,” Namuswa said.

He said the ECZ officer reported on behalf of the Electoral Commission of Zambia.

“Facts of the matter are that unknown criminals broke into the office of the Head Teacher’s office and stole two printer’s valued at K6,000 property of the ECZ. And an SP razor get valued at K6,800 total property stolen is valued at K13,100. Entry was gained by removing roofing nails which was used as entry and exit. No arrests made though investigations have been in,” said Namuswa.

And Area Councillor Micheal Mbulo expressed disappointment at the stealing of voters kits.

Mbulo said this is a serious drow back to the issuance of voters cards as the exercise is in it’s last phase.


  1. John politics

    Upnd thugs am sure

    • PMZ

      Stealing will never end in Zambia because of the backflowing economy. Zambians are in need of money and money is hazardly scarce.

  2. Eyes

    Pf has the answer to this stealing, how come people can steal, where was the police officer.

  3. Jms

    Its unfortunate and embrassing to government knowing that these equipments are important but have been left in the open without proper security, and I’m sure John politics should know something. otherwise culprits shouldn’t be left out. By the way even if the steal their advantage is votting for stealing again.

  4. Gerald Jere

    Government youths are crying pat them
    They participated in census mapping and you haven’t paid then yet and how do you expect stealing to end!

  5. Apostle Pandao Alex

    The statement of withdraw of police officers from some polling station where registration of voters is being conducted has led to theft of such important equipments.

  6. Rodwell Botha

    Without firstly beating about the bush this incident directly points to the fact that attention to security aspects was not considered by the relevant authorities point blank period

  7. Jms

    Bane we should be careful and serious when speaking imagine apostle 🐼 or pandao Alex’s statement of withdraw of police officers, is it true to the senario? Ba apostle mulikikopo unless it was day light yes I can agree you. And withdrawing doesn’t means withdrawing security of government property.

  8. Scarford

    Just passing tired of listening

  9. William Chisha

    People are mad coz those things are helping the ECZ to carry out their work effectively, u will be punished when u are caught.

  10. Kelly

    PF thugs

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