Mawere Urges Firm Stance on Violence

CHIPATA Central Member of Parliament Moses Mawere has implored the church to maintain its firm stance of condemning violent politics ahead of next year’s elections.

Mr Mawere said political violence should be discouraged at every level of politics.

He said President Edgar Lungu has made it clear that he does not want political violence.

Mr Mawere said people should be allowed to exercise their right to vote in a free manner.

He was speaking during the ordination reception of Rev Josphat Nkole at St Luke’s United Church of Zambia congregation in Katopola area in Chipata.

Mr Mawere also encouraged people to register as voters.

And acting UCZ Eastern Presbytery bishop Collins Bulaya called on Christians to oil their calling by adhering to the dictates of their ministry which promotes obedience, integrity and love.

Bishop Bulaya called on Rev Nkole to stick to obedience, integrity and love if he is to succeed.



  1. JMS

    Leave the church deal with services otherwise you are just incouraging when including other speeches as violence in churches.

  2. Advocate

    So Mawere is still in Zambia? I just wonder when he will go back to his home country Malawi… Like Emily Sikazwe.!

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