Police in Mambwe district have arrested a man for axing his friend to death at a drinking spree.

Eastern Province Police Commissioner Luckson Sakala said police arrested Reuben Sakala in connection with the murder of 33-year-old Ephraim Kaimika of Mawombo village in Chief Kakumbi’s area.

Mr Sakala said the incident happened on Sunday around 23:30 hours.

He explained that the duo went out for a drinking spree and that whilst there, they picked up a quarrel which led to a fierce fight.

Mr Sakala said in the process, the suspect rushed home where he went to collect an axe, went back and axed his friend on the neck.

He said Kaimika sustained a deep cut on the neck and died on the spot due to excessive bleeding.

Mr Sakala said the suspect has been arrested and that the axe used in the act has been recovered.

He told Breeze FM that the body of Kaimika was deposited to Kamoto Mission Hospital Mortuary awaiting postmortem.


  1. JMS

    I will just conclude that this criminal even if caught but the freedom to vote is permitted, what a shameful act. Thats why even small children laugh when told of bill 10. I wish to inform all lawyers to be careful not to me but to God the creator who can’t permit you to allow inmates to vote. Even them are not better people thats why they can’t think proper but just used wrongly.

    • 2yk

      May this Man meet Jesus

    • Martin Mushokabanji

      Jms, There Are Others In Those Reformatory Facilities Who Are As Innocent As You And Me. Think About Them My Brother

  2. Pharaoh

    Martin You are right just as the inmates entitled to food ,healthy and other necessities even biblical knowledge.

  3. Jms

    My friend to tell you the truth, their is no fire 🔥 without smoke thats why we should be careful with the friendship we have nomatter how we think that it’s easy to make friendships we are just mistaken, its hard to find real friends but some people think freindships is easy. Wrong partners may put you and I in trouble if we aren’t careful. All inmates are wrong nomatter how you defend them, thats why we normally regrate in the end. Jesus was put due to majority needing fevour from people which was wrong but when we analyse some inmates you will find out they may regrate being at the site or friendship they were involved in.

  4. JMS

    Even these fights we involve in its so shameful, you go to a bar, tavern etc as a normal parteker but suddenly found guilty then you claim to be innocent how,we need those people who are just removed from their homes and taken to court or jail without a thing,that’s why I’m saying inmates are wrong persons if you don’t understand why read the bible much you will find that it was just Jesus alone who has been innocent that’s so

  5. Chofwe w

    Ifyamba fwaka wanseke abena chipata

  6. yella wolf sizyongho

    Justice chapwa fye

  7. William Chisha

    Too bad to our friend who passed away , but let the the the person who did that should be given a death sentence.

  8. JMS

    Its maybe normal just staying in prison but reasonable persons wouldn’t stay their life time in prison instead death is rather than being kept imaging how and why, but the question is raised and their was a big debate on whether death penalty is necessary or not,and is it fair or which is better to keeping somone for life untill his life age or terminating his or her well chair age , sometimes it nice to do or be faithful to God whereby you do right in the eyes of God rather than in human eyes. This has been very difficult for humans especially blacks,but whites have done their part welmingly. But it’s up to you and me to decide whether God exists or not by doing the right things in his eyes not in the eyes of your fellow countrymen.

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