Lusaka ~ Wed, 2 Dec 2020

By ZR Reporter

The National Pension Scheme Authority(NAPSA) has dismissed media reports alleging that the Authority has purchased Chrismar Hotel in Lusaka.

NAPSA Head of Corporate Affairs Cephas Sinyangwe has stated that the Authority has not bought the Hotel and has no intention of buying the Hotel as alleged.

He said this position has since been communicated to Harberton Ltd, the owners of the property.

“The Authority, therefore, has urged the public to dismiss the false assertions made in a report carried by News Diggers with a headlined ‘NAPSA goes Ahead to buy Chrismar Hotel’,” Mr Sinyangwe stated.


  1. William Chisha

    Oh! Hope it’s not true, but even in that way it can be better coz it’s an investment to the nation.

  2. Musyani

    Not for that fee ?

  3. Jms

    I once said it again that nomatter how things occur, its better to refrain from matters petening corruption and nomatter how you neglect informations twisted upon your previous behaviours,one day you will be accessed of anything not necessarily done by you.

  4. Razor

    They almost bought it at an exorbitant price save for social media which exposed the deal and now they are backing out due to repercussions.

  5. Sinx

    You people napsa has no problem when it comes to investment , the problem is the sales and marketing director . If they happen to buyit was going to be okay ,but will market it Once they put in money ? It’s good they are not buying.

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