Chinsali~Tue,1st Dec 2020

By Brightwell Chabusha

Former Speacial Assistant to the President for Press and Public Relations Amos Chanda has concluded his voter registration sensetization in Chinsali Central Constituency,in Muchinga Province.

Mr Chanda toured several wards and encouraged the people to take President Edgar Lungu’s guidance on the need to register in numbers serious.

He later addressed scores of Chinsali residents who mobbed him in the central business district.

He told the gathering that maintaining power and receiving more development in Chinsali was dependant on the voter registration turn out.


  1. 2yk

    Bauze Mbuya

  2. Jms

    Its understood that Jesus explained clearly that, do what they tell you but don’t do what they do, i say it again but don’t do what they do.

  3. Sinx

    Mobilising people to go and register is not an issue yes people should register for them to have a say in the next general election.

  4. Zikomo

    Ecz wil registeration add more days is good and people has 2 register 4 them 2 reach 9million vote but ecz target needs people. If the addition days end again without reaching the target better 2 close it and start verification of voters. Zambian opposition leaders complain 2 prepare pipos mind and 2 fight or riot 4 them but me, i use my voters card as a panga,stone 2 vote my candidate of my choice president ECZ

  5. Pharaoh

    It seems am behind with current affairs and need to be.collected.I still believe Mr Amos Chanda’s previous position as stated but,,till now I don’t know his current position after quitting himself in the hands of ECL erra and as to why he’s said to have been mobilizing people for the said exercise. In which capacity?.May someone with knowledge help me.

    • Kangonvw

      Amos has no moral right to do this following the RATSA camera scandal where he stole money

  6. Pharaoh

    In what or which (Which ever applicai).

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