Illegal Miners Invade Kasenseli Gold Mine

A group of illegal miners in Mwinilunga District have brought down a parameter fence covering Kasenseli Gold Mine.

And the group has allegedly stolen undisclosed quantities of alluvial gold after invading the mining premises.

Mwinilunga District Commissioner Anolt Mapulanga who confirmed the incident has expressed disappointment with the recent developments.

Mr. Mapulanga said those behind the behaviour need to realise that the infrastructure they are destroying belongs to Zambians and their act is irresponsible.

He stated that the Zambia Police has been directed to step up its security to ensure installations are not tempered with.

Mr. Mapulanga added that his office will not watch criminal elements disregard the law with impunity and engage in retrogressive activities.

“Government will sit down and allow criminality, the installation by ZCCM Gold is being done on behalf of all Zambians and it is it sad to see the same zambians vandalising the infrastructure.


  1. Jms

    Its unfortunate to learn that mapulanga is disappointed with the act not knowing that its the regime tollarating bad behaviours which is leading or forcing criminalitiy. Nomatter what time you do your bad things cleavely mind you, you have legs for foot steps,mouth which told something, eyes which saw but never saw behind, everything comes to light and if you think to be clever enough their will be cleverly people than you are, who will do things according to how they see things passing by. Unfortunate.

  2. Circles

    Thats should have been the government’s own property hence the security of its property a must,i suspect an inside job

  3. Razor

    Jackson Kunga and group. They don’t fear the powers that be.

  4. JMS

    Are we going to survive, if the most important section like the mines is not looked after , then does this mean that the government said to be carering is a lie. Unfortunate situation.

  5. Herb Rena

    We don’t expect that short and weak fence to deter criminals.Worse still these people knew exactly where the alluvial gold was stored.Is this security enough?No armed guard around.Its all jokes I bet.

  6. Jms

    We know these are tactics of the so called mwankoles no boubt.

  7. niso Kodibba

    The fence looks new its like those illegal miners were mining even b4 zccm put up that fence that’s why they pulled it down.. Anyway its good that GRZ has taken up the challenge to control the mine .such minerals are very important and should benefit all the Zambian citizens including those in provinces where there is no big mines and minerals like mchinga and northern..

  8. Jms

    Too late the first cut is the dipest,much has been distroyed, that’s why they are used.

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