Police Formally Charge Dr Mwaba’s Alleged Killer

Police in Lusaka have formally charged and arrested Lieutenant Nigel Mwaba aged 33 of Barlastone , Lusaka West with murder which is contrary to section 200 of the Penal Code, Cap 87 of the Laws of Zambia.

Police Spokesperson Esther Katongo says the suspect is alleged to have murdered Dr. Tasila Tembo.

Mrs. Katongo adds thet the suspect still remains in police custody, yet to appear in Court.


  1. Kelvin D Mulanga

    Not sure if you can charge someone then arrest them? Is it not arrest then charge. Or these reporters don’t care what they write. Any where let justice be served. One life robbed from our great nation. That Doctor would have saved a lot of lives in Zambia. So the alleged killer has robbed us of several lives. Let justice be done.

    • Truth man

      When you don’t know something it is better to be quiet. A charge and an arrest are done differently . You can be charged and not be arrested I.e if the offence is not arrestable such as a traffic offence or trading without a licence……

      • Kelvin D Mulanga

        @ Truth man when a sentence has this (?) it means it is a question. If you knew the sequence that is the explanation I needed. I am not as educated on police matters as you. Kodi Kufunsa nikulakwa muziko lanu?

  2. the observer

    Much as death sentences are no longer being effected in Zambia, I wish the executive could make an exception for Nigel Mwaba, if found guilty and convicted by the courts, so that a strong message can be sent out that when you kill others you also risk losing your own life.

    • Indoshi Palupe

      ….and he looks 47 to me….

      • Bongo

        @Indoshi Palupe…Lol!
        He sure does look 47 but his registration card says 33.
        You know how it is in Zambia – like footballers who never grow old…

  3. The Voice of Reason

    Mr. Mulanga, been detained does not necessarily been one is arrested. With formal charge the suspect has now been arrested.

  4. Cosmas Moonga

    This officer should be medically examined. Am sure he has mental problem.I can’t imagine a commissioned Zambia Army Officer behaving the way he did. Bukwa bwashani. Just throw this chap into the Kafue river and let the crocodiles have an end of the year party

  5. Mulenga

    Point Zambia Army must physiologically evaluate the soldiers they send for peace keeping to war ravaged countries.
    This soldier was okay before he was deployed to such regions.
    Not defending his behaviour – he must indeed swim crocodiles infected river.

  6. Pharaohill

    Kelvin D Mulanga,don’t doubt about the phrased sentence. There’s an apprehension (the initial catching and taking a.suspect to a Police station where he or she is being interviewed for the alleged offence one has committed. It follows that once the state police are satisfied with their investigations that in fact a case has been established or indeed a crime was committed, then one is to be arrested and charged for the specified offence. Try to buy a penal.code of the laws of Zambia to understand the procedures. Any way,the merciless culprit must at all costs face the wraf of the law and let justice takes its course and indeed I personaly congratulate ones involved the allocation and apprehension of the suspect.

    • Kelvin D Mulanga

      @Pharaohill, read through what you have explained and read through the article and then compare with my doubt. You should actually be answering that a person can be charged and then arrected. Or arrested then charged? I need to be educated, it is a question that someone needs to explain propoerly especially those in the police force.

  7. Mr. Classic

    Indeed love is just a Word.
    Let Justice Carry the day

  8. 21zed

    What a soldier? Attack a unarmed weak woman a civilian for that matter? I thought soldiers are trained to protect civilians.

  9. Central

    Charged and arrested correct sentence

  10. Jms

    Indeed well done never to relax , this is what we want in police service to have detectives who are willing to work even in difficult situations.

  11. niso Kodibba

    Iam interested to hear in court that soldier explaining what really transpired for him to kill that Dr tasila did she refuse to give him a cake or what ,because there are millions of beautiful ladies in Zambia and a reasonable,real man can never kill a lady but only break up a relationship or divorce.only weaked ,unwise and foolish men kill women..he should be Thrown in Zambezi River were there are bigger crocodiles they work on him faster.than in kafue river

  12. Indoshi Palupe

    Oh,,,, so this motherfucker thinks he’ll be at large forever!

  13. bwalyalonga


  14. Cosmas Moonga

    The head line “POLICE CHARGE Dr Mwaba’s alleged Killer” Who was killed in this case? Is it not Dr Tasila Tembo ? I assume Lt Mwaba was the alleged killer.

  15. Cozcowjr

    Kelvin D Malunga, in simple language it’s …

  16. Adviser

    Cosmos Moonga – These journalists.

  17. Adviser

    Mulenga – You are very right. It is possible this soldier suffers from PTSD.

  18. JMS

    Ba muntu , lets just debate. Everything can be good or bad, correct or uncorrect according to how your mind takes it, so keep on brainstorming on issues and your contributions are fantastic.

  19. jungle boy

    Let the low take its cause and punish him according.

  20. Zipher Moyo

    The headline is misleading bane

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