Two-year Old Drowns in Shallow Well in Chimwemwe


A two year old child has died after drowning in a shallow well in Kitwe’s Chimwemwe Township.

Chimwemwe Ward Councillor Sebastian Mukonge has disclosed the sad development in an interview.

Mr. Mukonge said the toddler fell into the uncovered shallow well as she was playing with her friends.

He noted that at the time elders were informed, the toddler had already died.

Mr. Mukonge said the community helped to retrieve the body and was pronounced dead by health officials at the Hospital.

He has since appealed to the community members against leaving shallow wells wide open as that is a risk to young ones.

Mr. Mukonge stated that had the shallow well be covered, a life would have been saved but it was unfortunate that nothing could be done.

One Response to “Two-year Old Drowns in Shallow Well in Chimwemwe”

  1. JMS

    May the soul of this child rest in enternal peace, precautions should be made either ways the owner of that place, government officials are many consisting of wards, sections etc but people have failed to see an open well which may even bring malaria by mosquitoes and even parents how can you leave a two years child to play outside or rather than 20 or 30 metres without your concern. Sometimes we create situation by not noticing due to bearing of so many children,and that is costing many parents failing to take responsibility, unfortunate case.

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