Hungry Lion Denies Selling “Maggot Chicken”

Lusaka ~ Fri, 4 Dec 2020

By Brightwell Chabusha

Hungry Lion Limited has said the claim by a woman that she consumed a chicken which contained maggots is suspicious.

Lusaka woman Bertha Bwale has sued Hungry Lion Limited demanding K1 million as compensation for subjecting her to eating chicken and chips which had maggots.

Me Bwale claims that she bought the chicken and chips from Hungry Lion at Manda Hill and is now claiming general damages, damages for mental anguish, stress, inconvenience, costs and any other relief that the court might deem fit.

However, in its defence filed in court, Hungry Lion Limited has denied that the chicken which Ms Bwale bought had maggots, explaining that the alleged maggots were only at a specific portion of the food.

“When we inspected the picture of the chicken allegedly bought from our premises, it was noticed that the alleged maggots were only at a specific portion of the food and it did not appear to have been embedded in the food which makes the whole claim suspicious,” it stated.

Hungry Lion admitted that Ms Bwale ordered chicken and chips at its outlet at Manda Hill on September 5, 2019 but denied that she ate the food from the outlet and in the process discovered maggots.

“The plaintiff carried the food away upon being served and did not consume it from our premises as she implied,” the defendant stated.

Hungry Lion Limited explained that when Ms Bwale phoned to inform the defendant of the alleged incident, she was asked to go to the premises with a pay forward taxi and was subsequently attended to.

Hungry Lion Limited stated that Ms Bwale later returned with inspectors from the Lusaka City Council, who conducted an inspection of the defendant’s process of production of the food from the beginning to the end, and the inspectors concluded that it was not possible for maggots to survive in such a system.

“The defendant will show at trial that its chicken and chips are transported and stored in a frozen state and only defrosted when being cooked. The food is cooked in bulk at 140 degrees temperature and sold the same day,” stated Hungry Lion.


  1. Gerald siame

    She contrived for that cheap move.. This festival season folks r jst obsessed with how they wll make money but on this one babepafye bamayo abo

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  3. alfred

    the woman wanted free man but the system honestly makes it impossible for the maggots formation. Thosee foods are sold quickly and the same day. so aunt you did not do your research properly.

  4. Ɗominant citizen

    Mmm but i think it is very much posible anyway to bad for her

  5. Beanz

    Yaluka mayo.. If a magot cn survive in a coldroom then u cn win bt sorry mayo..Hard luck next tym



  7. Joseph Lungu

    This could have been a case of a staff giving her food that was ordered but was never collected some back and had been lying in their shelf for sometime where it could have developed maggots. Low salaries in these outlets and many others like ShopRite are fertile ground for staff to engage in a bit of mischief just to any a few more coins. I am an ardent patron of Hungry Lion, however, I have reservations about a few of their staff who on occasions have displayed unprofessional behaviour. incidences of serving people returned wrong orders are not uncommon, and this incidence should serve as an eye opener for Hungry Lion to over emphasise the importance of not serving returned orders and should not be harsh on staff who record an order wrongly which is the returned, for it is such that can bring in maggots.

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