Isampo Lyamoneka, Kwashala Ukushitisha Abena Zambia


During a press briefing after signing the so-called social contract with the party’s youth on Monday, UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema made several sweeping pronouncements, as he imagined himself winner of the 2021 presidential election.

One of the things he said he would do if he wins next year is to sell the presidential jet and use the money to empower youths and sort out some of the economic problems Zambia is currently going through. To him, the presidential jet is now a sample he can use to show what else can be sold among the public properties we have.
What he forgets is that the presidential jet is not the property of an individual who is in State House today; it is the property of the Government of the Republic of Zambia. This means that even himself, should he ever become president, would have to use it.

Now, coming to the economy, Mr Economist will surely agree with us that selling off assets can never be a panacea to an ailing economy, unless he subscribes to the proverbial “creating one problem to solve another”, which he clearly is up to looking at what he is telling us he will do it he wins next year. Has he already forgotten the results of the privatisation process, which he was a party to, that left the country on its knees?

We know Mr Economist likes to sell anything and everything; he is very good at selling things and he still has plans to continue selling. But to think of selling the presidential jet is out of this world; it’s surprising and one wonders what other plans Mr HH is harboring in his chase for plot 1.

On this issue, we really think HH doesn’t know what he is talking about. We see his statement as desperation for power at its best. The way he is talking is as if the current president is just going to step down and hand over the instruments of power to him! Clearly, he has no manifesto, and the only thing he can do to save face is come up with baseless pronouncements that he will sell something that was meant to cut costs. Is he aware of the costs involved in hiring a jet to fly a Head of State? It is very expensive to be hiring a jet whenever the Republican President wants to fly somewhere, so it is only wise to have your own jet than hiring.

With this statement, pa last bakashitisha abantu. Being a leader is not a matter of mind or brain, it’s a matter of the heart and this is what Mr Economist or is it Mr Seller, must understand. He needs to get rid of his hatred against Mr Lungu; Balikwati ulupato ne chipyu chishipwa, which is very bad for an aspiring leader.

Secondly, Mr Hichilema spoke about the control of bus stations and markets by the cadres. This is a big problem everywhere, which even President Edgar Lungu has spoken about. But is Mr HH aware that bus stations in UPND strongholds are controlled by UPND cadres? So if he cant stop them now while they are in one region of the country, how will he manage to stop if they are countrywide?


  1. nshilimubemba

    I think HH is just dull does he think there shouldn’t be presidential jet, this sounds strange how would someone wish the president must be hiring a taxi to go to his office.
    The president to be effective he should have some efficient transport to be visiting the whole nation to make sure that work is being done, I would say he is the executive foreman for government who should supervise his ministers.
    Hiring a presidential jet could be the most expensive venture for Zambia.
    If HH has something to complain about let him bring it to the table but this one is an offside thought.

    • Learner

      What is Isampo?

    • Jumbe

      Imwe ba editor don’t be so narrow minded. If you write a headline like that in vernacular translate it to English because not all of us speak that language. How do we know what you are talking about?? Always think of your broad audience

    • Poly Tricks

      You must be one of the journalists enjoying lifts in the presidential jet to spend so much energy attacking an opposition leader’s intention to sell it. Some of your arguments are s o nonsensical
      What he forgets is that the presidential jet is not the property of an individual who is in State House today; it is the property of the Government of the Republic of Zambia. This means that even himself, should he ever become president, would have to use it.
      Well HH is saying he doesn’t want to use it. He will be using commercial planes. If he doesn’t we will take him to task

  2. Wise leader

    Hakainde cipubafye icituntulu

    • Gigs

      Let HH continue ukusabaila but the fact is H H will never test state house. He has no agenda for this country .alandafye ifyabupuba

  3. kevin

    Brightwell Chabusha you are wasting your time

  4. Mauya

    Bally must be forgiven, he has little knowledge about governance.
    Saving costs by creating more costs….kikikikiki economists of nowadays awe mwe!!!

  5. Frank talk

    Forgive HH he has never been a councilor,Mp or Minister he doesn’t know how the government operate

  6. Easy

    I need that Jet. Am the lowest bidder and the best at K500.00
    No objection

  7. John politics

    He will probably sell it cheaply to himself through some proxies and chief mukuni

  8. Hax

    Bally must win


      He sold yo parents assets and Yu are supporting useless dog out


    People were saying that, a person who has never worked in government can do better, they started giving us examples of Donald Trump’s election some five years ago, I argued with people saying, to keep animals it’s different from keeping people, to run a house and to run a country there are two different things, you are on the journey to Livingstone by bus full of people and another one also going to Livingstone by the Taxi, who will reach first between the bus and a taxi? Automatically the Taxi person who will be there first, the stoppage are rare,

    • Emmanuel Mwababa

      Buss started first than a tax.ThESE small FM BUSES,A TAX CANT AFFORD TO SPEED UP.

  10. dre

    chisaz Mr 365 net with estimate $3.2milion

  11. B

    Well…! Every person has his own way of doing things, Every person has his own ideas. According to different philosophic thinkers, not every drop of water from the sky is rain, if you want to know more about a particular person try to pay much attention to his/her ideas, what you consider as waste, to some people can be useful and helpful. He had all the reasons to put up that idea. Let’s wait and see, let’s not judge situations before time. God will guide the nation, let’s pray for peace and stability as we head towards elections.

  12. Augustine

    You guys don’t worry he is just showing us the way they where selling things with his late man second presindent. And if we are to think or rewind how the government properties where sold by these people. This is clearly showing us how he is going to destroy govt properties if voted into power 🔌, and this is now to show his followers that they do not have a proper person to lead them and they should not be blind follower.
    Finally this shows how he is going to sell govt properties

    • Emmanuel Mwababa

      Not selling a jet please, you TONGAS.HOW DO THINK?

  13. niso Kodibba

    Excellent idea to sell that jet and use the money to end loadshading .reduce prices of meali meal, buy medicines in hospitals ,improve infrustractures.. Coz how many people use that jet and how many Zambian citizens are languishing in total poverty… Millions

    • Emmanuel Mwababa


  14. Sibweni

    1.Cadres control is key but u can’t only pf bus stations and 4get southern province yo stronghold. 2 presidential jet is 4 zambians not ba ECL is just our worker using it 2 go around the world 2 present us or 17million people. 3 Youth empowerment is good MONIES SHULD not COME FROM THE sell OF state asset 2 please them inorder 4 THEM 2 vote 4 UPND. 4 UPND Change yo tactic of campaign by going in remote areas 2 sell yo party bcoz facebook is a joke platform but meting people real politics than DEPOSITING ANGER In people. 5 TONGA Aganda has made UPND A failed project bcoz no tonga no UPND Is a cancer other tribes who fear what happen during mazoka where tonga’s wanted 2 take up all govt machine. 6 how vote 4 zambian not tribe and bemba language is like any and speaking bemba is choice and u can’t becom one


    U ar eatng poverty,smelng poverty,slepng on povrty,brethng povrty § thnkng in a poor way.PF u’ve realy run out of senses

  16. CTC

    2 key phrases in this article:
    1. Clearly, he has no manifesto,….
    2. He needs to get rid of his hatred against Mr Lungu…..
    Brilliant and to the point . Hh is a conman already chewing from western funders and he has already calculated his cut from the sale of national assets should he assume power. ZESCO, ZAFFICO, ZCCM- GOLD emasampo abasungu balekabila and hh will be chasing Dangote….

  17. TmK

    If he is rich as he claims to be why can’t he sacrifice some of his riches to help his own country and if he wins and sell the jet then it means that if they is need for the president to travel to another country the Govt will be booking VIP flights and the tickets are expensive so as a country we will be going nowhere.

  18. Central

    Mr liquidator
    How can you say a presidential jet ..ni sampo anyway this clearly shows that you are a big problem I am upnd member but your comments ata baselesy and meaningless.
    Tell Mr saler which country doesn’t have a presidential jet and compare that country to Zambia.
    You are decompagning yoself.
    Pf is much better than your party.facebook president.goodbye….

  19. Chichi

    Am totally disappointed by the statement made it show’s how incompetent he is now he can’t run a government for sure.

  20. Antifa

    Yes he has to be asked how he will travel without this plane because Africa does not have commercial flights linking the countries so if he charters planes how much will this cost the country.
    Chiluba tried to pretend not needing the presidential jet and we still have it

  21. Cosmas Moonga

    Sale your cattle and use the money to empower the youths not that Jet.

  22. Choolwe Haantuba

    Zambians are alive to the fact that politicians can say anything to win support. They also know when you are just talking out of desperation. We have said right from last year that the period running up to 2021 we will see testerone levels in the UPND camp rise to unprecedented levels. So far we have seen and heard what we could only imagine a few years back. Real characters will come out. Privatisation is still very fresh in our minds, and one of the beneficiaries of that privatisation saga smells another sale in the form of presidential jet. If that were to happen he would sell the state asset to himself through his proxy companies. The presidential plane is not for Chagwa, it is a state asset. State asset aucioneers(HH) are salivating over the G650 gulfs tream state jet shame.! We are looking forward to the time the UPND will become a national poilitical party again and not a tribal grouping coined by Sammy Hakainde Hichilema. For now his financiers can wait.

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