My Arrest In DRC Was Brutal – Nevers

Kitwe ~ Wed, 16 Dec 2020

By Chris Phiri

MMD president Nevers Mumba has said he was brutally apprehended and accused of five treason-related charges by the Democratic Republic of Congo authorities.

He has disclosed that he was arrested by the DRC soldiers who were armed with machine guns, despite earlier refusing reports about his arrest in the neighbouring country.

“I would like to make it clear that my arrest was tough and brutal. It was clear I was headed for tough times because the charges were treason related but I would like to thank Government for the intervention,” Dr Mumba said in Kitwe on Tuesday, according to Times of Zambia.

He regretted being in the DRC during a period he described as decisive.


  1. Daliso


    • Indoshi Palupe

      Umulomo,,, kwanshi waile…

    • Yambayamba

      First of all, you need to tell the nation what the h3ll you were doing in the DRC. As opposition leader in another country, you will always be looked at and considered a SECURITY RISK in other countries. Especially in neighboring countries with a tenuous security history with Zambia. This should serve as a warning to all you Zambian opposition leaders who think you can just show up unannounced in some of these neighboring countries and get away with it like you do in South Africa. I am sure even in SA security services are always watching what you do in their country….this is normal INTELLIGENCE STUFF that all countries engage (Zambia included.) Next time plan your visits so that security services of those countries are aware of your presence in their country…..YOU LEAD SIZABLE OPPOSITION PARTIES IN ZAMBIA, SO YOU ARE NO LONGER JUST ORDINARY FOLKS WHO CAN TRAVEL INCOGNITO IN SOMEONE’S COUNTRY….they know who you are through their missions in Zambia.

  2. Benjamin

    He said before in his hotel room thay he was not arrested…double tongue.

  3. Ceejeyy1962

    Dr Nevers Mumba, consider yourself lucky. The problem I have seen is that all you opposition leaders you are power hungry. Join hands together, You, HH, Kalaba and Mbwili come together and make an in shable force and you will kick out PF, not that way even under fives wants to become presidents, shame. or you just go back to the pulpits.

  4. M

    We thank God you home safe🙏🏾

  5. Takapite

    You are lucky you could have had come back as cargo

  6. Arnold

    Thank God his ok

  7. Gaston Mutale


  8. edgar chibuta


  9. Joseph Lungu

    Nevers Mumba should be investigated. What did he go to do in DRC? I hope it was not to consult on how to form a rebel movement.

  10. Cosmas Moonga

    GOOD Chengela thats a sign that God is not happy the way you Politick. Too bad the Zambian govt came to your rescue. Mutashe ba Lungu nga mwalifwa .Thats DRC iwe.

  11. Indoshi Palupe

    Umulomo,,, kwanshi waile…

  12. Concerned citizen amplified

    How I wish it was the red devil himself from upnd

    • Brian Samba

      Iwe stop dreaming. . . Have you ever heard of HH aka Bally going to those tuma countries that are ravaged with dictatorship coupled with lawlessness? Boi, that can never happen to Bally.

  13. Moses

    You mean that man who claims to be an elder in seventh day adventist

  14. Gibson

    I think concerned citizen amplified is talking about the tribalist from red party

  15. Jms

    Realizing how scandals are made is amazing,

  16. Jms

    Realizing how scandals are made is amazing, did anyone know your journey or not?; Why did some reports happen to mention where political parties find or get funds, why is this joke to some people. Sometimes a scandal can be created whereby you recognize your rescue from your enemies especially that fake recognition is needed at this time. Nevers Mumba is not a mare person. He must be surprised why he wasn’t arrested just at entery.

  17. Jessey Lingard

    Kkkkk be careful uxamwarira

  18. James

    Better to live a life of a president in your father’s kingdom than in other kingdom.

  19. Blue tooth Mbewe

    Kwanshi mwaile boss naimwe tamwaishiba ati DRC calo cimbi?

  20. Jms

    People shouldn’t take an advantage of DRC being a difficult country otherwise that mentioned brutality come somewhere.

  21. Jms

    A challenge, a planned move no doubt. Think high not low otherwise tomorrow it will be you.

  22. Jms

    A challenge, a planned move no doubt. Think high not low otherwise tomorrow it will be you. We know now that this word treason will go round to an extent beyond limit.

  23. Cosmas Moonga

    ZAIRE. Is no go area for people who think of democracy as a means of stepping on other peoples toes. Stay home and continue ctiticising the government even if they are doing fine. Osapeleka mulomo kwabene.

  24. Klux

    He went to source for money to pocket,what a mistake!

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