PF Kitwe Chair Cautions against Hate Speech

Patriotic Front Kitwe District Chairman Everisto Chilufya has cautioned members aspiring for various positions on the ruling party’s ticket in the 2021 elections against the use of hate speech.

Speaking when he met all aspiring candidates in Kitwe, Mr. Chilufya said the party will not tolerate anyone with intentions to stand on the PF ticket to engage in politics of character assassination.

He said the Patriotic Front is very democratic, hence the reason all those aspiring have been allowed to share their ideas openly.


Mr. Chilufya said Kitwe is a trend setter in politics and it will be unfortunate if such a record will be messed up by a few individuals with selfish ambitions.

Among those who attended the meeting included Binwell Mpundu, Gift Kalumba, Cleopas Njobvu who are all aspiring to contest the Nkana Constituency parliamentary seat.


Others included Kamfinsa Constituency hopefuls Christopher Kang’ombe, Kelvin Chipili among others.

For the mayoral seats, Alice Siabula and Bonny Kaonga attended the meeting.


  1. Black machende

    Out going party

  2. CB

    Utupuba tuchili tulesapota, blind people

  3. Robbie Allen

    It’s too late ba PF, bye bye PF

  4. Frank talk

    Be careful. You always win before votes are cast. Aleisa Aleisa apitilila

  5. Jms

    Nowonder the hate speech is being preched due to the mistaken identity seen as a good party but a confused one, I can’t understand why they keep on accusing other parties. Respect your party plus being Christians.

  6. CK

    I swear upnd will never win or rule this country under whatsoever,even if PF hopefuls differ with each other, come 2021.

  7. Lundazi truth

    Lundazi pf we need a senior man not a youthful man bcoz young ones has failed us and u hav pride and a drivering while windows sealed. If pf fail 2 pick HON JOHN OR BRENDA better 2 vote 4 a FOG. Youths who are rising money through stealing party donations, Selling maizes and FISP fertilizer Working togather with DC,DAO,DACO,OP,POLICE are involved. Lundazi pf DEC Chairman is ordering all position and he is a treasure. GOLDEN TIGER TEMBO Is leadering pf with Iron fist the party is losing ground and voter registeration is not a pf push no bcoz pipo want 2 register and more funds where sent but each ward is receiving k1000 and remaininga GOLDEN Is funding his football tournament and compaign. Lundazi don’t pick GOLDEN TIGER TEMBO For lundazi central since we electd him never going round all ward and roads around compound are bad hav develop holes. Mr President the headman told u half truth and OP Reports not considered bcoz if they do changes would hav bin made and start by removing pf chairman and DC

  8. Con

    Lundazi seat IS difficult 2 win if PF pick Its CHAIRMAN GOLEN TIGER TEMBO Environment 4 him is very cold 4 him. Lundazi people one language of rejecting him bcoz he want 2 use his position 2 force heself 2 people but residents gang up and no bribe wil change bcoz PEOPLES NRC’S Where used buy maize frm FRA And he resold maize 2 malawi and same system as used again on fertilizer 300 PACKS Where stolen and sold it.

  9. Ken dollar

    We have 2vote wysly according 2.our economy

    • Icinwa ngulube cilasukila icine... just thinking for future to vote wise.

      Every where is facing confusion in rulling party.

    • Besa

      2021 ni PF

  10. Icinwa ngulube cilasukila icine... just thinking for future to vote wise.

    Every where is facing confusion in rulling party.

  11. Aristotle

    Apa ni HH come 2021 tu pf.

  12. Fyantha

    Thanks for the post.
    But let’s be updated with what happened at police headquarters yesterday. Is it not worth the news? Am talking about hh being summoned and how did it end?

  13. isaac banda

    am going with pf next year lets give him again . musiyeni mwana wamuzanu pano pachalo ndani wakaele

  14. Gershom

    Usiless social media nindani sibanthu baku kitwe aba nikuchipata kwamene bapezeka banthu amambala imwe

  15. niso Kodibba

    Mwankole ni mwankole nangula aiwamye shann

  16. Paul nchima


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