Today’s Shooting Incident Must Be Condemned In Strongest Terms

The shooting incident that happened today is regrettable and must be condemned in its totality.

We are mindful of the fact that every war has calleteral damage but care must be taken as guided by the law to protect citizens. It is unacceptable that anyone can wake up today and create a narrative with the aim of having society thinking in one direction.

Truth be told, the President of the United Party for National Development failed to show leadership over his callout to attend interviews at Police Service Headquarters.  Despite being warned to come alone so as to allow for a smooth due process of the law, he organized a large number of cadres to who gathered at the police headquarters and the police were forced to disperse them.

In the ensuing confrontation, a Public Prosecutor and a UPND member have died from gunshot wounds. The Zambia Police Forensic experts have gotten on the matter and will no doubt ascertain the calibre of the bullets used and link them to specific gun(s) used in the killing.

The report from the experts will also show the trajectory of the bullet and the  position of the deceased against spluttered  blood from the exit wound.

It’s our belief that professionally trained police officers would not aim for the head in crowd management but  rather maim when the situation degenerates into a break of public order.

One questions that begs answers is whether the police are frustrated or could  it be just bad elements in the police with intent to bring the  Service into disrepute?

Whatever the case,  Police Inspector General  Mr Kakoma Kanganja must institute a police inquiry into today’s deaths to ascertain the person behind the killings.

Our deepest condolences go to the  families who have lost their dear ones in today’s shooting incident.


  1. jj

    God is going to judge them

  2. jj

    God is going to judge them and puts them to hell

  3. Frank Chombela

    Zambia Reports, since when have you sided with victims of high-handedness by state agents?

  4. Alex siwo

    That’s not good

  5. Parton Nyirongoo

    in america were there are many guns it’s rare for you to hear that demonstrators have been killed by police guns, it’s only here in zambia…when health minister went to court there were many pf cadres and none of them was short, this is why most of us decent citizens can never vote for pf

  6. Franklin

    But why use live ammunition to disperse unarmed civilians??? This police force is not serious

  7. Skinner

    Let Love Lead in this Country Zambia please Amen

  8. sizyongo power

    Ati ba Zambian cops kuti nima cadre

  9. ba king

    mmmm this world is realy full of tenderments,

  10. Digo

    Where was teargas? Even me poor Zambian can’t go alone to police. In case am detained, who will take the message home? It’s unethical to say they told him to go alone. Police must have equipment to construct barrier where they fill demonstrators must reach as close as possible to where their loved ones are.
    Police must disperse protesting people out of service not emotions.
    In analysis, let us look at who was behave humanly. Protestors or professionals ( police)
    These killed are also Zambians who if wrong were not expected to deserve death penalty. No. It may have ended up to 5 year or even just warning them.
    You who wrote must indicate how many police officers were badly injured to trigger live bullet as a solution.
    Police are trained to work under challenging and dangerous situations before they kill to defend themselves. I suggest that police must receive refresher courses to acertain their fear. Those found too afraid to die be retired on public interest.

    • Musyani

      You know what these police should be doing there home work first,
      Rather charge the person and let the courts ventilate the matters not this call out escapes to fish for information.
      They do callouts then want you alone to maybe even get imfore under duress,all well meaning zambians we are in trouble by our own made monsters in uniform,they have no regard for human life but trigger happy,they must be removed from the police.

  11. Unhappy one

    am very much sure those are not trained officers those should have been ma cadres ya df

  12. Tk

    Too bad it wasn’t good to be killed like an animal only good knows

  13. Walmart HH

    Too bad but HH cowardness has caused the death of the innocent souls . you say you have money see now what you have caused you were called alone and you started asking for help. Where all those people there when you broke the law. I cant understand your motive. How many people have you caused there death . are not ashamed of your self . if you mean well for zambia stop politics and do your business. But if you like blood shed . go a head and you will be haunted also.

  14. Hammer

    May the souls of the departed Rest In Peace. But what if someone with bad intentions was in the crowd and kill the 2 people as to bring chaos and blame the police. What I know lives have been lost which is sad and regrettable . What I am waiting for is to know which gun killed the 2 people.

  15. niso Kodibba

    Sad news indeed. May the Almighty lord God judge the killers and receive souls of those who died…..Zp improve of how you excute your duties, inspect your officers to see if they are drunk on not before sending them for an operation…Coz there was no need of using force to disperse them.even megaphones can be used to tell the croud not to cross a certain area as they were giving solidarity to there President… Without guns or teargas.. Those civilians were not armed……. Zambia police should be scrined its like there are a lot of intruders in the service who don’t know the job…policemen their role is to protect, maintain law and order among citizens not to kill unarmed people noooooooooooooh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No ooonooooooh!!!!!

  16. John Gc

    Zambia is now going to end very soon

  17. John Gc

    inspector General police must be fired

  18. Jessey Lingard

    Sad development the police officers could be the one who shot

  19. Tikambepo

    We have a senseless president who can’t even DISTANCE himself from an embarrassment of this magnitude by ordering the arrest of kampyongo and kanganja to save face probably to show seriousness to the public but alas the man is still in hiding and his wife.

  20. Tikambepo

    Ba Zambia reports you’re even celebrating your victory.HH is a public figure who a big following than anyone else in this country so you don’t expect him to go alone to PF cadres police headquarters.

  21. Tikambepo

    The souls of the assassinated Nsama and Kaunda haunt the idiots kakoma kanganja,pyompyongo and Edgar Lungu for their senseless conducts.

  22. JMS

    Mind you all of you blaming why HH never went alone to the police station, ask yourseves if it’s possible for you to let your father go alone to a miserable place like a police station. We know its uneducated creature who doesn’t know or understand why we accompan freinds or leaders, unless you babarians who don’t have the sense of being a human. We need good leadership and these police officers doing this isn’t good, nowonder they call them dogs 🐕 because a 🐕 may do what ever instructed, shame.

  23. May the lord review the secret

    Dear all Zambia’s our God is in control of everything happens in our country I just wanted to remind the you the past 1/2yrs the same were make fack story s that the gavement have sold znbc/zesco/and zafico plantation in the end some one disclose that it’s was not true,and the intended palarising the focus development of gavement of today same aprising may be this move was planning by some groups in order to destep the gavement agenda, nothing is hidden to the sight of God let us pray to God almighty and commit our country and our brothers and sisters who lost their brothers m,h,s,l, peace

  24. Costarica

    We’re now becoming slaves in our own country, God is watching over you evil doers

  25. Andrew Griffin jr

    hey tell him that I need to be early lifted out of Mississippi like it’s it’s grease so they can look at the guy ain’t go on his body that I have on is that do not have my original body on

  26. Andrew Griffin jr

    tell him I need to get an early start of Mississippi man I need to get back into the hospital so they can look at this ankle so they can make a decision man how did we put the tenants back in his ankle because they cut across the ankle and messed up

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