Kalulushi Council Embraces Digital Tools

The Kalulushi Munucipal Council has procured 37 new tablets at a cost of K 130, 906 to be used by councillors and management during meetings.

The local authority resolved during The Information and Communication Technology Steering Committee meeting held on 23rd August 2019, to buy tablets for use during council and committee meetings to reduce on the purchase of bond paper and fuel costs incurred during distribution of meeting notices and minutes.


The gadgets were handed to the councillors and management on 21st December, 2020, at Umulu centre during a review meeting of the action taken for 2020  resolutions and orientation on the use of the tablets.


And Kalulushi Deputy Mayor Paul Chivunda, reminded councillors that they have up to first quarter of 2021 to ensure that management implements outstanding decisions as parliament will be dissolved after that period.


“The purchase of these gadgets by the Council means that certain expenditure such as distribution cost for meeting notices will be done away with, as the Local Authority will now be using applications to notify members of the scheduled meetings” he stated.


  1. Jms

    Good decision but even things occur in good governanced people, also being perfect means cousaulting each other now you won’t have evern development due to isolating yourseves from others, the government should maintain cousaultion amongst top to down to maintain development all around the country.

  2. Indoshi Palupe

    I smell free porn downloads…

  3. Jessey Lingard

    Wonderful keep it up

  4. Jms

    Indoshi is quite right, natubatoteleko ba council, be realistic, do you mean other councils don’t work nicely, regroup your mayors,councillors all over the country to maintain even development please. Nowonder nonsense next year, especially top to bottom but bottom can be maintained and instructed without fail.

  5. Jms

    Rubish pit, maintain humanism.

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