What happened in Lusaka last Wednesday on 23rd Decenber 2020 when two Zambian citizens were shot dead is truly and miserably sad.

But we must pause, think and summon our collective wisdom to get the facts and act on those facts wherever they may lead us without prejudice or allowing our politics to cloud our judgement.

People of sound mind, grown, intelligent adults should be able to stop and detach themselves from the emotions of the situation and apply the necessary God given wisdom to the situation like Solomon did.

A society that dispenses with its ability to think and ask the necessary questions opens itself up to easy manipulation by the few who can think.

If you study the Zambian society today, it wouldn’t require that much intellect to design and engineer circumstances that lure the whole nation towards any particular nefarious end.

By nature, what transpired on Wednesday, 23rd December 2020 in Lusaka would be deeply injurious to our emotions and sensibilities and, left unchecked, we would be in our most vulnerable place to react instinctively and irrationally.

The overwhelming majority of citizens would be given to the obvious, after all the case seems straightforward enough.

There was a commotion, there were ordinary unarmed citizens and the police carrying guns. Now why, for example, out of so many ordinary people who were there, has nobody come forth to say they actually saw the person aiming at and shooting the two fallen citizens?

Why has there not been a shred of video footage taken within the vicinity and indeed at the very moment the two citizens went down?

Why were both of them shot down so cleanly to the head and totally away from the crowd where people could quite easily see who was shooting?

Could all those circumstances just coincidentally present themselves so perfectly to assist the assailant to get away with murder?

Or is it ever possibly conceivable that this whole execution could be designed and planned?

These are not trivial questions when you are trying to ascertain who killed someone.

In the event when innocent citizens are gunned down in broad day light, justice isn’t served by merely being able to attribute blame to anything or anyone, justice would only be rightly served when the actual perpetrators are identified and matched with actual independently verifiable evidence and prosecuted through the courts of law.

In such circumstances, we really must try our level best to dispense with politicking – to rein our political inclinations and do what is right, not only for the sake of those who have died so tragically but for their families and ultimately for us all.

We simply cannot and must not derelict our responsibility to get the facts and get to the bottom of such cases, however emotionally injured we may be.

We must be able to summon the strength, the courage and our collective wisdom to establish the facts and then act upon those facts wherever they may point us.

People who did this must be punished to the full extent of the law, but they must be the right people – not anything or anyone who seems like the obvious suspect.


  1. Likukela Kota Ikafa

    One of these questions, i can answer. In zambia today if you have footage on your fon of an event the police are investigating, you also become liable. So, I am certain, people dont just own up

  2. Tmcs

    Must know how to control your own fellow citizens. No need to start living a scarec life bwana.

  3. hantoobolo

    it’s sad that some people are using other people as pawns to act as human shield.

  4. Frank Chombela

    The police did it, fullstop. Only guns that went off were those fired by the police. Zambia Police have done it many times before. They shot at former minister of Justice Rodger Chongwe and first president Kenneth Kaunda in Kabwe in 1998.

  5. G

    Why are you asking us questions…you the police we need answers…what was the police’s role or duty on Wednesday???what a disgraceful system we have in our country…

  6. Concerned citizen amplified

    These questions should be directed to upnd leadership.why did they allow the crowd to follow HH

    • Musyani

      They were escorting there leader and nothing wrong with that,
      Minister of health went to court with supporters and they were not shot at,the problem we have is blind loyalty from people like you.
      Two innocent lives were lost yet all you can is blame hh,I dont support him but the police or state is wrong here by firing live bullets on an armed people.

  7. Moses

    They want sympathetic vote in Lusaka province because they are always defeated in Lusaka.

  8. R B

    You have forgotten your responsibilities, u were employed to safeguard lives of people instead you are safeguardi politicians who even have bodyguards.If you say uv failed to trace the killer then ur not qualified to be at that position because if he wanted he would have killed you all.

  9. Francis

    Praying for this great nation….

  10. John politics

    For me UPND expects to benefit in form of sympathetic vote. They are desperate and can even pay a cadre officer to kill. You mean to tell me the the who police hate upnd. Weren’t they celebrating a few months ago when a police officer said takapite. The politics they play is dangerous and I hope zambians will see the for the thugs they are

  11. Tikambepo

    Hantombelo,condemned citizen,Moses the tamed raven and the other facku John porridge you’re all biological mistakes,you were mistakenly born as human beings,you were supposed to be serpents and if you were human beings by mistake serpent parents were the sons of the devil…….I wish it was one of your serpent parents who was shot in the ass it could have paid off.

  12. MN

    Please owners of this page learn to give us new things we are tired of this headline. What happened after?

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