2021 Year of Victory for PF-Lubusha

Eastern province Patriotic Front (PF) Chairman Andrew  Lubusha has declared 2021 as a year for victory for the ruling party.

Drumming up support for a PF candidate in the Kamimba ward bye-election, Lubusha who is also a Member of the Central Committee encouraged the party leadership to unite because this is the year when the ruling party will renew it’s political contract with the people.

“We have to unite towards our common goal of security and development here in our province because we also form an integral part in deciding the national political leadership,” he said.

Lubusha said Zambia, Eastern province inclusive has witnessed massive infrastructural development and provision of social services ever since PF took over political leadership in 2011.

He said it was evident that Zambians will entrust the PF with another five year mandate this year.

Meanwhile, Kapoche Member of Parliament Charles Banda called on all people of Eastern province to rally behind the leadership of Edgar Chagwa Lungu because he has already proven to be a peoples leader.

The law maker has also encouraged the party leadership and youths to remain united while detesting the spirit of division.

He told the people of Lumezi that President Lungu loves them that’s the reason he separated Chasefu and Lumezi from Lundazi district so that development can trickle down.


  1. Razor

    Forget about PF even your own position of chairman is in doubt because very soon you will be dethroned. There are many challengers to that position.

  2. Mks

    To all politicians, let us ask God to give us more knowledge on how we should go about our politics.
    Let’s not point fingers on our friends ,let’s work together as God’s children and may God Almighty guide us in decision making that we do not go astray.
    May Glory be to God almighty our Lord amen

  3. Veteran

    Continue comforting yourselves with such false predictions. Have you entered in the minds of the people of Zambia???

  4. Tikambepo

    Good morning morning Zambia and happy 2021………..yes,where do we start from today ?hoo!its Andrew lubusha on the floor and his developmental projects…….who is going to answer this question correctly……….If the PF party was to contest an election in the USA where infrastructure is not an issue,what campaign message would they offer to the electorates considering that economically PF is very rubbish.

    • Martin Mushokabanji

      Govt must continue channelling their resources borrowed or worked for towards infrastructure development not pipo’s tummies.


    Infrastructure development and the importation of ambulances, fire fighters and other goods constitutes a smokescreen behind which PF govt stealing is done by inflating the prices in order to share the difference among themselves. That is why no industry to manufacture medicines, garments and other goods are being encouraged just because there would be no imports for them to use as a conduit of stealing!

  6. Koswe

    The nation Zambia is now sharing the national cake equally which you never experience when mmd took over from unip. Mmd vandalised Zambia going back to 75years back wards some of you who are paid to discredit pf government have nothing to offer. American infrastructure is mostly done by citizens who have money here when one gets rich through privatization he/she forms a political party to fool. Zambians that he/she turn a round the economy. Pf has done great job hang yourselves it’s pf for ever

    • Tikambepo

      Pit latrine koswe the only problem is where you reside mutoilet you can’t think properly my dear get out of that place.

  7. niso Kodibba

    1+1=2 not 3 u are adding wrongly ba muntu .your days are numbered 2021u are going out. The economy is terrible Zambians do not need u…

  8. Frank talk

    It is 50 + 1 the question is where will UPND get 50+ 1? Where will PF get 50+1? Has PF got resources for campaign? At least HH is expecting money from Edith and Tayali

  9. Jms

    Tikambepo is right, the only issue is by declaring criminal right to be heard, but as it has gone through but their assassinations could have occurred because when an issane person convinces foolish ones cleaver people regroup by rendering the foolishest.

  10. Pharaoh

    KOSWE,you have sightly put things right.Why should some one refer Zambian National to the US.Even in your home,one should budget the most required necessities. Its insane to compair your budget with your neighbours house.

  11. Kawasaki

    @Tikambepo, you are very dull. Typical Under 5 mentality. Comparison with the US is very daft on your part. Do You understand anything about identification of a problem and tailoring your solution accordingly? How do you campaign with the infrastructure message in the US when it’s clearly not an issue? We mbwa we!

  12. Fred

    Get health information at

  13. Concerned citizen amplified

    How can somebody from the ocean rule zambia.Its not a hidden fact about the red party leader were he gets his riches from

  14. Stones

    People are dying for change..so mwilaiputa sana tu pf.

  15. Villager

    If this year’s elections are issue based then PF will lose they have lemtebly failed to put a Volunteer Policy in place most of us rural dwellers do voluntary work and we get peanuts where is our peice of the national cake?

  16. 2021

    @KOSWE you son of a dog ,,,chikala chobe

  17. Iwe

    Pf in eastern province aspiring candidate are rising funds 2 using poor people FRA Maize and fertilizer u can’t trust these people. Mp need 2 hav money fund his campaign in 2021

  18. Koswe

    Upnd rigged the maramber ward by election pf tronched upnd throughout the country why pf not victorious in maramber? These tribalist rigged to avoid shame so where are you now ? Pf for ever idiots

  19. Jessey Lingard

    Elections are around the corner we shall see…..

  20. Old Mzee

    PF are a peoples party.The UPND can no longer convince our brothers in Western and North Western Province.The following will favour PF in both provinces:
    1.Kalabo Mongu Road we used to pay the same fare between Kalbo to Mongu-Mongu Lusaka now it takes just 45 minutes from Mongu to Kalabo.
    2.Sesheke to Senanga-tarred with a bridge on the Zambezi.
    . A bridge on the Zambezi between katima Mulilo and Sesheke.Namibia is now near
    4.Telecommunication towers-you can communicate with People on the boarder such as Sinjembela,Silowana,Imusho etc
    5.New Boma at Sioma-Govt services within reach
    6.Livestock centre at Nakanja.
    In North western:
    1All districts connected to National grid including Lukulu in western Province
    2.Solwezi Chingola road tarred and all the way to Chavuma.
    3.New Copperbelt-more jobs
    4.Jimbe and Kipushi roads being worked on.Congo and Angola here we come.
    5.Good markets for farmers,good rains etc..Farming inputs delivered on time
    These are just a few examples and people are seeing and voting for PF

  21. Koswe

    I don’t still understand why they complain during unip time no development in luapula northern eastern copper belt to say the least our first president was fitting brought by anc the country has witnessed tatol unity. Fools have come around trying to fool me to fool me that I have to vote a tribal party and give a polical position to denounce my president. Idiots go and marry your mother’s that’s when you will be seeing your mother as first lady and president of the republic of sodomy and comfort idioty

  22. Daniel changwe

    Me i just need a help please ba president help me just K2000 I will appreciate,and am in trouble,

  23. Jms

    Its clearly seen that the majority going on media are aware of what has transpired in this regime’s two periods. If you ask those who watch paliament setions they will tell how permanent secretaries and other responsible officers become shocked and unstable to the auditor general”s report, they become quite as a log as if they weren’t happy people on swearing time, much has been destroyed.

  24. Mangani shadreck Banda

    Continue dreaming like that. Every well meaning Zambian need change this 2021.

  25. oga

    That is when Zambians will witness the death of the dove in someone’s hands. In 2016, the dove refused to fly, an indication of a failed nation in Pf hands. A visionary leader is urgently needed to correct the mess

  26. Chitimbwapre

    A visionary leader is a thief a thief who wants steal a presidential aircraft

  27. Jms

    Imagine careful why that jet has been called a president jet and for what intention did that occur? People don’t understand that unless one gets ashamed that’s when he declares a personnel asset as a national asset. If chitimbwapre is a human enough of not figuring the 48 plus houses and many things then Zambians don’t need a helper but thieves who are the same as devils I mine 😈 who mean to destroy the nation.

  28. Jms

    Chitimbwapre u’re mouth less talk or maybe you’re dead alive.

  29. PIQUE

    this political rivarly is not helping us.how are we going to maintain peace in our country with ill mindsets and attributes.whether we like it or not the winning part will be our next government.get it from me today that everyone can make it this year because we all have faults against the others.

  30. JMS

    Zambians must know what they need especially these provinces luapula, northern and eastern. What you should understand is the manifesto of the party which will lead the country to progress,not knowing who or when to choose. We are tired of followers who doesn’t think for themselves but depend on others or are being fed nomatter how wrong it maybe, people must start thinking for the future.


    PF has failed……. Because
    1. The developmental projects are loans that need to be paid back at abnormal interest much to the misery and suffering of many poor Zambians.
    2. Most of these works are awarded to foreign companies leaving out the indigenous Zambians who can create jobs for locals.
    3. The youth Empowerment is actually youth disempowerment. 90% of the Zambian youths have not benefited from presidential funds, national budget funds, parliamentary funds, covid -19 relief funds, just to mention but a few. Only cadres like and not even koswe has benefitted despite being an empty tin that makes Most noise. Shame…… Infact koswe, stop thinking from the anal region.
    4. Surely, if HH stole, do you think Lungu can spare him. He fixed Mmembe Fred the post newspaper owner and others.
    5. The pf perpetuate misrule and corruption. Chitotela and chitalu cases are clear cases of pure corruption.
    Chitalu who must be tried for crimes of corruption and against humanity for putting on risk and loss of million lives of people regarding expired dugs and protective equipment is still dining freely around The president. The guy is supposed to be behind bars. Shame!!!!
    This political hegemony must stop ✋………..
    President Lungu is a good president but is surrounded by parasites and The earlier he gets rid of them,the better. He must not please cadres. Zambia is bigger and cadres.

  32. JMS

    Analytical, what you have just talked off is right but what I can’t understand is the motive of blaming subordinates when the culprit is behind them. When we follow managerial aspects we find that if general workers or supervisors tend to do work visevesa it means the supervision of the managers aren’t good enough to supervise or lead.so please be careful when supporting someone, lungu is the culprit here. Follow each one’s manifesto you will find the answer to Zambia’s solutions.

  33. Retire

    Pf has 100percent forgotten retires since they were slaves of our country through pf we are dead the vote will tell you the the trough give us money that we worked for. There ar

  34. M-kay

    I rather die than support Lungu to be right, i don’t even know what is in minds some people who say pf should continue in power, be wise bane these pfs they only think about themselves which is not good, we choose our leaders to control the nation not the nation controlling itself while those to drive it are just sitted comfortably watching it going from bad to worse without doing anything at it just bcz there are stable, we need people think and for classes of people bcz we need they need. No pf again

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