Lusaka ~ Sun, 3 Jan 2021

Lusaka’s popular chilling spot Grandaddy’s Shoka
Nyama has been closed for a week due to the new strain of COVID-19 whose cases are on the upswing.

It wrote in a notice: “Due to the rising number of cases & the new strain in Zambia, we will be closing for our 1 week break, starting today.The rumour making it’s way around is unfounded, nevertheless- at Grandaddy’s we do care and we will monitor the situation before making a decision on reopening.”


  1. Edith the Editor

    Looks good in that picture. But where’s the place? You see you reporters if I can ask such a question it’s because you have not delivered a finished product. You are supposed to answer the five Ws and an H in any story that you publish.

  2. Captain poison

    It’s in Lusaka..chaida area

  3. Umuchona

    Looks cool. Next time I’m in Luzek I should visit. How do I get to Chainda?

    • Leonard

      It’s simple once U know where twin palm more is it will be easy for u to be at granddaddys is


    Keep up, mask up and staying home if not feeling well reduce the cases of #COVID-19.

  5. Day Trader

    COVID might end Biden has won, it was a cover to rig the US elections at any cost to justify voting through mail in ballots as bizzer as that sounds. But first they have to make money from the poor Nations through selling vaccines to entire populations. But what do I know, who would want to stop a lucrative business. Stay safe from their Bio weapon, avoid crowded areas.

  6. Koswe

    The pandemic is in southern province where upnd fooled innocent people that the pandemic is alie mask up or the pandemic will visit you as individuals

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