Man Hangs Himself with Shoelaces in Chizozu

A Man suspected to have been in transit from Zambezi District to Kitwe on the Copperbelt has allegedly committed suicide by hanging himself.

The deceased who has only been identified as Sachala is alleged to have hanged himself to a tree using shoe laces in Chizozu area.

Outgoing North Western Province Police Commissioner Elias Chushi said the body was discovered in a decomposed around 06:00 hours.

Chushi said police are yet to establish what could have led to the suicide.

He said the deceased was found with a bus ticket indicating that he was traveling from Zambezi to Kitwe on the Copperbelt.

“Officers also found a black jacket, black shoes, grey shirt and a cell phone at the scene while the deceased was only wearing black trousers,” he said.

Chushi said police proceeded to bury the body at Chayana cemetery in Chizozu area because it was in a decomposed state and marked the grave.


  1. john

    It’s a sad story

  2. Shikulu Tinaiza

    Poor reporting. You can’t conclude that a person committed suicide based on finding his body hanging from a tree. What if his murderer hanged the body. Wait for forensics to conclude. Post mortem may tell a different story

    • Pharaoh

      SHIKULU ,don’t rush and analyse that the report is poor.If I may ask you, do you know the elements or points (signs) to prove suicide?.The only suspension how come a skirt was found at the crime scene togetherness with a bus ticket. Could it that a Lady was involved who incited other men to have made such a sinful act?.Observe my reasoning.

      • Pharaoh

        Sorry I ment suspition

      • Shikulu Tinaiza

        @Pharaoh I must say I dont follow your argument. In short the evidence you go on to cite raises just the suspicions I originally raised. Thus proving my point that rushing to report suicide is poor reporting

  3. Johnny

    Bravo 2 shoe lace company they strong shoe lace

  4. Johnny

    Bravo 2 shoe lace company they make strong shoe laces

  5. Benjamin

    Impossible, a shoe lacer? How meter was it, because for someone to hang himself, it need at least 3 meters ya serious ntambo, not ifyo mulelanda ati shoe lacer, a man been suspended naka shoe lacer.

  6. Mwalule

    ZR improve on your reporting

  7. Mr Justine

    Sad story indeed

  8. Indoshi Palupe

    Happy New Year

  9. Jessey Lingard

    May his soul Rest In Peace….

  10. You muzo

    Where on Earth a person can hang himself with shoelaces please think before you report ba 👮 with ba zr.

  11. xMc1s

    How on planet earth can some one hang himself with shoelaces? I’m wondering how that’s possible. Anyways if he truly did that there must be a reason I hope the investigators do there job and get to the bottom of this.

  12. Nat

    Those contradicting that shoelaces can’t hang someone try on yourselves nd wil live to tel the story.if they managed to find him hanging on the same laces without falling then they must b strong laces nd in a decomposed state meaning his been hanging on the same laces for days.Shikulu nani iwe,wat do we conclude wen we find som1 hanging ku chimuti?It’s definitely suicide that first comes in our mind b4 investigation.so don’t jst blame the reporters waumfwa ka tata.poor reporting infinshi?!be a reporter n c if it’s easy…

  13. Mosquito

    Too bad with shoelaces

  14. Chipo naninga

    That’s bad for him.
    Let the police investigate since there are not the ones who shot him dead.

  15. SICHEMBE Kelvin

    Sad development

  16. loketo

    Obvious nima pressure economy silibwino pa zed……

  17. Jeff colby

    A shoe lace can not carry the wait of a human being. That’s impossible. Too bad it happened

  18. pp

    Sad stonia sorry 🙏


    Stop attacking the reporter.
    He is within the ethical lines of reporting.
    He reports that the deceased is ALLEGED TO HAVE COMMITTED SUICIDE.
    The key word is ALLEGEDLY…… meaning not too sure but suspected suicide case.

    Who was your English teacher?
    Which school did you go to?
    Anyway, you are educated useful idiots!

    • Reporter

      Ba analytical What is an allegation? Alleged by whom? Yes allege means theres a subject alleging. In this case, the reporter is imagining someone is alleging and that cant be ethical.
      He is actually saying A Man suspected to have been in transit from Zambezi District to Kitwe on the Copperbelt has probably committed suicide by hanging himself. Which in itself has a lot of laws.

    • John English

      @analytical Given the poor grammar you have exhibited here I should say:
      Who was your English teacher?
      Which school did you go to?
      Anyway, you are educated useful idiots!

  20. Nefishili fyakutalika

    And the headline clearly states: Man Hangs Himself with Shoelaces in Chizozu

  21. V H 2021

    Too bad

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