Reduced Loadshedding Linked to Increased Water Levels

Zesco says increased water levels at Kafue Gorge Upper and Itezhi-tezhi power plants have led to reduced loadshedding.

Zseco spokesperson Henry Kapata says increased water inflows on the Kafue River has boosted the water levels.

“The impressive inflows on Kafue river, has contributed to the current flexible load management, other than the closure of companies for industrial break,” he said.

Kapata said Kafue Gorge Upper is currently at 59% full compared to last year, at the same time when it was at 11.6% full while Itezhi-tezhi is currently at 34.18% full compared to last year, at the same time when it was 13.7% full.


  1. James

    We thank God for the rains

  2. Concerned citizen amplified

    We really thank God for the rains this year because we expect a bumper harvest. But the prophet of doom from upnd will say the opposite because he doesn’t want anything good for the country. Surely how does he make his friends children follow him when being questioned by police which led to the loss of lives that’s not acceptable

    • Smart Citizen amplified

      And how has the UPND come into this?? And when Dr Chitalu Chilufya went to court with his friends children you didn’t question him. Be humble and sit down !!

  3. The Unemployed

    Lol we are even used ba Zesco, we have endured more than 6 years over loadshedding, u are not fooling anyone no more, with all these rains and floods then u saying that its just 34% full …….after Pf loses all the zesco bosses you out of your offices i swear.

  4. BOB

    Whoever is the next President, which of course shouldn’t be hh, must continue from the same firm foundation built by PF leadership. The saying of ” Rome not being built in a day,” is a true reflection. Presidential jet is a National asset and symbolise how our country is moving on with time. That you want to sell, privatization yalimisha ulweko. In the end, you will privatize your own COUNTRY!

  5. Ak 47

    We thank you God for the good rains but one man is not happy his name is Hakainyelawila Heka

  6. patson Sinkala

    We thank you God for the good rains that you are giving us in our country Zambia.

  7. Stones

    same old excuse…just come out clean and tell us the facts.

  8. Musyani

    This load shedding I put it squarely on zesco incompetency,so what plans do do have for when there is no rain,you can do better not this rubbish treatment you have been giving us.
    Stop politics in zesco if you want live the organization to non partisan capable people to run it,dont full us just because we have elections coming.

    • Edrin

      What do you think the kafue lower power project is for? It has aready started to be commissioned with a full capacity of 750 mega walts and Is mearnt to permanently increase the energy in the grid despite good or bad rains. More projects are on course. Read your news and dont just focus on critcising

      • Musyani

        There is no need to have loadsheding in the first place,zesco is a monopoly I dont accept mediocrity if you do good for you,
        So all these years it doesn’t rain in Zambia?other countries have canals to mitigate such issues of short of rains,
        We fought against colonialism so that we rule ourselves and we should do that,the money is there that’s why our politicians steal it with impunity and we allow it.

    • Umwina Zambia

      Upend feel doesn’t want to see things going well for Zambian.

  9. boza

    The truth is because the voter registration exercise is over, load shedding has improved and will resume when political campaigns begin. Zambians are aware of the dying Pf tricks

  10. Daniel

    We thank God

  11. Bm

    Please, zesco or any government department kindly offer an employment as driver. I hold a class C driver’s licence. I did my driving training at ITC (Industrial Training Centre). 0977870282

  12. Jms

    As said of canals yes alternative measures have to be made to caputure water either rain or flowing river water, but the biggest mistake is greedy minds and greedy minds does less for the nation. I’m very astonished to hear certain masols speaking issues contrary of hate speech showing how unchristians they are, ie concerned citizen amplified and Bob these are embrassment to the society. Of all regumes this has been the worst in contributing to the disorganization of this country, and we know were confusion is, their is lack of knowledge, hypocrites are due to fose or wrong followers.

  13. Pc


  14. Covenant chansa

    OK but this is a good news Ka?

  15. Charles N Mweene

    Amazing you gloat over so called reduced loadshedding hours? where? when? here in Chunga Matero ours was an average 2 to 3 hours NO lights perday? NOW we average 24 to 30 hours.shutdown at a time!! and. it.is ongoing!Your comment cde?

  16. john

    It shall be like this until 2030

  17. niso Kodibba

    Let’s just pray to God he gives us more water and let the water be permanent…… Otherwise we are more than tired of loadshading…… With these uncreative Ba muntu in power kuwaya-wayafye

  18. Truth-teller

    Chilya inshita ya kusala nga yakumana baisa mukutubepaika.

  19. Richard Wamuzungu Banda

    Let’s thank God for the good rains

  20. Zedpeople

    What has changed, now water is moving faster, recall your reasoning 2 years ago.

  21. Ba Gee Zambia

    🤣🤣fimo fyakuloleshafye nokupukunya umutwe

  22. Edgar

    We really thank God

  23. max

    You are enjoying while here the electric is gone do something president

  24. bro.John ken the sharpest prophet

    That’s wonderful development. ..all glory nd honour unto God Almighty. …

  25. Cletus014

    Wala this is not making any sense Zambia forward

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