Lusaka ~ Thur, 7 Jan 2021

By Brightwell Chabusha

The Public Accounts Committee (PAC) chaired by Muchinga MMD member of parliament Howard Kunda yesterday grilled officials from Honey Bee Pharmacy, Zambia Medicines and Regulatory Authority (ZAMRA), Zambia Bureau of Standards (ZABS) and the Ministry of Health over the $17 million contract awarded to the pharmacy for the supply of health kits.

During the appearance before PAC, it was revealed that some of the condoms and gloves which Honey Bee supplied failed the test, according to ZABS, to which committee member Mwansa Mbulakulima said that was tantamount to genocide.

Shockingly, the condoms and gloves in question were, however, distributed countrywide by the Ministry of Health without validation.

It was further heard that ZAMRA had no validation for distribution of the defective condoms countrywide and that results of further tests done on them were being awaited from Zimbabwe.

Meanwhile, proof of supply of the health kits by Honey Bee lacked addresses, another anomaly which left the PAC shocked.

Other shocking revelations during the hearing were that Honey Bee was issued with a license on Sunday by ZAMRA, while Ministry of Health permanent secretary in charge of administration Kakulubelwa Mulalelo said she had no idea who authorized the contract as she only attended the launch of the health kits distribution.

After all the anomalies were brought out, Ms Mulalelo said the Ministry regrets the irregularities on the Honey Bee drugs contract while ZAMRA admitted its lapses on the contract which has left Zambians questioning what processes were taken before awarding it.

Honey Bee director Zakir Motala could not stand the questioning as he nearly broke down and accused the Auditor General’s Office of being biased in its reports.


  1. Old Mzee

    PAC well done but I have a few questions also:
    1.How was a licence issued on Sunday?
    2.How can the PS for Administration say she has no idea who issued the Licence.What is she doing in that office?
    3.ZAMRA should be disibanded as it is not serving any purpose and the senior officers prosecuted.
    4.How can agents not have addresses,i suspect these kits and condoms were manufactured in some compound in Lusaka.
    5.Zambia Beraue of Standards (ZABS) should be taken to task as well for allowing defective condoms and kits on the Zambian market.
    6.Ministry of health has subjected Zambian and any other Nationals to genocide as Mr Mbulakulima has put it
    Finally let us not employ people because they are our relatives or girlfriends or tribal balancing.This is shameful
    Iam very disappointed with the PS Administration.She is a disaster and a total failure at Ministry of Health.
    If there are witches in Zambia these are the people.
    Let us not just drive latest cars without doing our jobs.there are many people in Zambia who can do the job
    The PAC and Audiotor General should be given powers to prosecute criminals killing us and stealing from us

    • The Brand

      Kudos for the Valid points

    • Van_Bronk

      Well articulated

    • Mfumukadzi

      Well spoken. Someone should answer. Civil servants should not follow illegal instructions but do the right and ethical. Watch the movie “A Few Good Men” starring Jack Nicholson and Tom Cruise.

  2. Chalila

    Finally the heartbreaking criminality of the Edgar Chagwa Lungu government on full display during this hearing. Yet somehow the Minister in charge was acquitted….speaks to how corrupt the path to justice has become

  3. Filungula Namenshi

    This is just a tip of an ice berg, there should be more of such deals which are even contributing to the fast spread of Covid – 19 in the country. Mr President Sir, please take interest in this matter. Heads must roll.

  4. Frank Chombela

    ACC bungled the prosecution on purpose. I suspect high-level corruption in the ACC itself.

  5. Old Mzee

    Further to my comments other questions to the PS Administration are:
    1.The PS being the Controlling officer should know who awarded the contract on sunday by thouroughly examining the signatures on the contracts-(a) the representative of MOH and his witness(s) She must be familiar with the signatories.
    (b) who attended the meeting on sunday and the venue.
    C).How much advance payment was paid
    D.)How much bond was paid and which bank and was the bond valid?
    e).Was the contract insured and how much and which insurance firm was involved and was it valid?
    2.Were the kits and condoms delivered and inspected and was she satisfied that they were of the right quality and quantity?Were samples also delivered and inspected.
    3.Millions of Zambians are now infected with HIV and many more are dying or dead.Who is going to compensate them?
    I further challenge the Public Protector and the ACC to take interest in this case and go deeper into it.

  6. 12.08.21

    We want to see these people get jailed.and they should never serve us ever again. If none of them goes to prison then no one should be in prison.

    • Khloe Kalungwana

      This is all confusing 😳 how tf is people getting infected and pregnant if there was no breakage?? What mechanism did they use to make these same commodities??🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️

  7. CTC

    Chalila-How is this connected to the President??? Explain please. Are you telling me, everything that happens in GRZ is controlled by the President??? What a powerful man!!!

  8. Concerned Citizen

    I don’t understand myself has well,how come the director of honeybee Zakir Motala is not in position of the addresses where exactly is delivering good’s in South Africa and Malawi; is this company in holder to operate in this country.
    Zambia Medicine and Regulatory Authority (ZAMRA) director according to his statement that their able to give or issue a license between a day to year,when the company acquire the all recommendation needed by ZAMRA. i)But how come honeybee was issued a license in short period of time.
    ii)Mention any company in Zambia which was issued a license in a short period of time like honeybee?
    iii) And what is important about honey bee company to be issued a license on weekend? To which let the works to operate it on weekend?
    And another issue where honeybee company was awarded with a contract and the other two company’s were rejected, but according to (ZABs) Zambia bureau of standard’s honeybee failed the test of distributing the condom’s and groves,but the things are the one ministry of health distributed countrywide.
    What was the process their?

    Let tge committee of supply should deal with this matter and give the PS and the director’s a chance to clear the mistakes so that in future they should not make mistakes again

  9. Old Mzee

    The problem in Zambia is that the clients are directed to pick the lowest bidder like in this case even if the supplier’s goods are of very poor quality like Honey Bee.
    Another concern is that ZABS,ZAMRA,MDSL,PS administration,PS Techenical services and the Minister of health work in isolation.Whatever is happening with the other party the other don’t know.
    In an idle situation the PS,Minister of Health,Directors are all supposed to be given copies so that they are on the same plate
    I can only imagine the damage made to all the parties.This issue was also on BBC

  10. henry kafunda

    In China they kill this type of people

  11. Tristan

    They should just close his company


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