Changing Names Won’t Make Zambians Forget About Defective Condoms, Poor Drugs

Lusaka ~ Sat, 9 Jan 2021

We were this morning flooded with pictures showing that Honeybee Pharmacy in Kamwala has rebranded. It has changed its name from Honeybee to IPharm Pharmacy and painted the shop black. This was done overnight!

Our first thoughts were: why change the name? Why rebrand at a time when the company is being taken to task to account for a poorly executed $17 million health kit supply contract it was given by the Ministry of Health?

It’s surprising that for Honeybee, rebranding is what they considered top priority at this particular time when Zambians are charged and extremely angry with them. We don’t think anybody is interested in what they want to call themselves from now on; they can rebrand to Uchi Nzimu but the truth still remains: Honeybee has to be taken to account and all those involved in this shady deal that must be held responsible for total negligence.

The truth of the matter is that there were so many wrongs surrounding this Honeybee contract which even the Ministry of Health acknowledged and rendered an unreserved apology to the Parliamentary Public Accounts Committee. But look, that sorry can’t cure all those deficiencies highlighted; a sorry won’t fix the defective condoms and gloves distributed across the country.

It is time for Honeybee and all those involved at the Ministry of Health to own up, take responsibility and provide the answers being sought by Zambians.


  1. StreetKid

    Firstly, this shop has been painted black for over 6 months now. The pictures you’ve been following were from way back in April last year when they were first published by diggers.
    Secondly, this facility in question is a holder of a retail pharmacy licence. It is located in Kamwala. It did NOT participate in the MoH tender. It did NOT supply any kits.
    The HoneyBee currently under investigation is a holder of a pharmaceutical wholesale licence. That facility is on Great North Road.

    • Phiri

      Businesses do change their names precisely because of what has happened to Honeybee. Its not new. why change the name? They do this with the hope that customers will forget about what happened and continue to do business with them. ValuJet couldn’t shake the bad reputation it got after one of its flights crashed in 1996. All 110 passengers perished. it changed to AirTran
      There was TimeWarner who changed to Spectrum and so on and so on

  2. Concerned citizen amplified

    Zambia report can you carry out proper investigations because already you are being challenged that you not telling the truth.Dont be like upnd who can lie in the morning,afternoon and in the evening.

    • Scorpion

      Iwe ka cadre why involve ba upnd, leave them alone.

    • Zedpeople

      Your party is in the habit of stealing throughout the day e.g. the fire tenders, ambulances, self built 48 houses, expired mutis, expensive toll gates, infrastructure over pricing

    • KWINDI

      You idiot stop mentioning UPND mufyabupuba you thiefs iyiyena tatwanyantilile you will see

  3. Northwestern

    Ba concerned citizen amplified you don’t have sense mulebika upnd mu program shiwa

  4. kk3

    Ba concerned citizen amplified. You are just guilty and ashamed of your corrupt Pf MOUnhealth. Can you imagine the after effects of those unsafe condoms that were offloaded in E/P during the Xmas&new year eve,it is criminal

  5. man mk

    It is done.. more are going out in shameful ways.. if you know u know

  6. A Team

    Iwe Chi Concerned Citizen Amplified anso uli chipuba…. Do you even consider consider the gravity of the mess & harm your PF leadership as done to this country…? Really you have no shame… These scandal is just a mare scandal but murder in so many ways and if you don’t know, some of your loved ones might even be infected with HIV not to mention other ailments…. This is not about PF now because there are also PF supporters out there who have used the very condoms their crooked leaders sanctioned the deal to kill unsuspecting innocent ZAMBIANS… So tell me something Mr Concerned Citizen Amplified, if you had to find out that your son who is old enough to have sex used the same condoms on a prostitute and in the process contracted HIV what would you do?
    It’s a no brainier…!?

  7. pp

    Mmmmm ba citizen

  8. Sitwala

    What worries man can’t worry God

  9. Mahlanza

    Zambia still remains a sheet hole


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