Lusaka ~ Sun, 10 Jan 2021

By Brightwell Chabusha

President Edgar Lungu has with immediate effect fired Minister of Health Dr Chitalu Chilufya.

State House  stated in a  statement issued this evening to Zambia Reports that President Lungu has terminated the appointment of the Mansa Central member of parliament and has since appointed Bwana Mkubwa member of parliament and Minister of Water Affairs, Hon Jonas Kamima Chanda, as the new Minister of Health.

Nominated member of parliament Mr Raphael Nakachinda is the new Minister of Water Affairs Development and Sanitation, according to a statement issued by Special Assistant to the President for Press and Public Relations Mr Isaac Chipampe.

A financial scandal involving the supply of $17million worth of health kits was unearthed by the Auditor General’s Office and the Parliamentary Accounts Committee took it up to query the Ministry and other government institutions charged with oversight roles in the health sector.

The supplier of the health kits, Honeybee Pharmacy, a sole trader located in Kamwala.

supplied leaking condoms, gloves and fake medicine.


  1. Chichi

    Job well done Mr.Presidi

  2. Mfumukadzi

    It should not end with just firing but prosecution. This will cost you your election Mr President. Please govern with integrity. For me it’s not the location of the pharmacy that is shocking but the flouting of tender rules. The owners of this pharmacy should be prosecuted.

  3. king

    poor fools,why nt firing kanganja and pig?

  4. zobreego

    This the best thing to be done. i salute you Mr president for that decision. all involved in this saga should be condemned to jail. Health is not something to play with. its sad that Chitalu had to wait to be fired instead of resigning on his on.

  5. hms

    He must be taken to court.seriously these things must come to an end in Zambia.

  6. born again

    thanks Mr President and let him face the law

  7. KC


  8. Mr Glucose

    Job well done Mr President.👍👍👍🇿🇲

  9. Concerned citizen amplified

    Thanks Mr President, but don’t forget about the issue of HH .what he did is criminal by privatizing the mines and pocketing the money. So his local and foreign accounts should be frozen as he is being investigated.

    • Tikambepo

      @Condemned citizen amplified you also behave like your very president you’re applauding who can only act after backlash from the Zambian people…….you always try to distract people’s attention from the real foolish misappropriation of public funds by your adada by trying to save his face.I guess you are also and accomplice in this case……..I thank God we have a few people of your serpent mind coz having more could turn the country into a dump site,or should I say that if Zambia had people of your caliber in 1964 there would have been no this independence we talk about ….but there’s time for you to transform…….I know tauli cibola think about your children’s future ….thanks.

      • Abapondo

        Well said @Tikambepo this person doesn’t even know what “concerened Citizen” means. I don’t know what his/her deal is. Mr Chitalu should have been fired a long time ago. The hand can’t do anything without the knowledge of the HEAD.

    • Mangani shadreck Banda

      You don’t think very well and I hope you have a brain problem.

    • B

      One can only be prosecuted if proven guilty, the issue of HH and the privatization process has nothing to do with the ministry of health. Be wise and stop this kind of hate my brother remember the road can longer than the tree, but it can be very easy to walk on it than climbing a very tall tree, let’s learn to analyze whatever information comes our way before judging and jumping into conclusions. We’re a one Zambia, one nation and one people, one heart, hatred will take us nowhere. You’ll never know the person who may save you from Jaws of the lion,

  10. Bunda mafia

    He has made money ,and he will use some of it to oust the Chairman , lungu is scared of he his fellow thieves, now the will finish Lungu big time watch them


    The entire Ministry needs reorganization. Some officers have overstayed and have created cartels. It not just Dr. Chilufya but the entire chain starting from PS to the sweeper. That Ministry stinks of corruption.

  12. Shadrake Chipansha

    Well Done Mr presidor

  13. Mangani shadreck Banda

    Job well done! And now we are waiting for Mr Kampyongo and kk to be fired also if Mr President is fighting for corruption.

  14. Bashi prosper

    Sort them out before they sort you out mr president, the remaining is kapyos and his counterpart kanganja.

  15. Reuben

    Sad development indeed. In the dying minutes.

  16. CK

    Can one imagine there’s no available medicines like panado in clinics only free fake condoms,jail him,nonsenseidiot.

  17. Ross mining

    The entire cabnite they are over excitment except mr jonas chanda nabacitamfye cikabwalala

  18. nshilimubemba

    Yes indeed anyone who loots govt assets must face the law and be punished accordingly even if he is heading any political party .
    Zambians must wakeup to the occasion many times thieve hide in politics when they have stolen from the poor Zambians , no matter how long it takes the law not die and indeed bad selfish looters must face the law

    • bwalyawilson

      yes you are right he deserves to be punished 😊😊

  19. Jessey Lingard

    Well done keep it up…

  20. Zedpeople

    The so what is the main issue here. What are the next steps or a deal was cut already?

  21. bwalyawilson

    Good job good job Mr lungu E this man was not deserve to be a minister and he need a big punishment alitumpa sana…❌❌


    Yo father is poor fooses

  23. Bunda mafia

    No Tylenol in hospitals and u want to stay for good to rule , time is near 7 months to go , start parking so that u don’t run with out under wears

  24. Voiceless voice

    The person maybe just wanted the way of coming out of that possition, but anyway the law should face him, otherwise he has stolen alot, he must return everything


    “Sad news.”

  26. Selenje mbame

    Mr. LUNGU thank you so much for what you had done.Mr Chitalu was behave like a hen that eats own eggs he won’t helping zambia,but to destroy it.

  27. Selenje mbame

    Mr. LUNGU thank you so much for what you have done.Mr Chitalu is behave like a hen that eats own eggs he won’t helping zambia,but to destroy it.

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