Lusaka ~ Thur, 14 Jan 2021

By Brightwell Chabusha

A Ndola man has sued his wife for divorce in the Ndola High Court to dissolve his marriage because her alleged adulterous relationship with Beacon of Hope Tabernacle Church Bishop Donald Chirambo.

Christopher Mulenga wants the court to dissolve his marriage to his wife Susan Mulenga whom he says has been having an affair with Bishop Chirambo.

Mr Mulenga is alleging that Bishop Chirambo is having an adulterous relationship with his wife, who is a member of Bishop Chirambo’s church.

He said on one occasion, he was told by an unknown man that his wife was involved in an adulterous relationship with Bishop Chirambo and that the evidence could be found in her phone.

He said he was also informed by his domestic worker that on several occasions, the his wife and Bishop Chirambo were seen in compromising and romantic positions such as kissing.

“At one time during sexual intercourse, the petitioner was able to sense that the respondent just had sexual intercourse with someone else,” Mulenga claimed.

He said when he checked the wife’s phone amid protests, he came across unsavory details about their affair and also pornographic materials which she shared with the Bishop.

He said when he confronted the Bishop about the affair with his wife, he denied the claims but only admitted having the affair with Mrs Mulenga in the presence of the domestic worker.

“The respondent unreasonably allowed the petitioner’s niece aged 18 to take her pornographic pictures after she was found taking pornographic photos of herself in her bedroom and subsequently requested to take such photographs which she proceeded to do,” the petitioner stated.

Mulenga further said he discovered a dairy in which the wife was keeping and making entries of the illicit affair.

He further claims that the wife has a tendency of using traditional herbs and other substances on him, adding that on one occasion, he found her with strange substances while family members and domestic workers have found her smoking strange substances around the home.

“Furthermore, much to the petitioner’s distress, the respondent has acted unreasonably by adding unknown substance and chemicals to the petitioners food. On one occasion, the petitioner’s niece witnessed the respondent add substance to his food. Upon being made aware, the petitioner hid the food,” Mulenga stated.

He said intervention by the family to resolve their marital problems have proved futile as the respondent is always disrespectful, abusive, bulish and threatens violence.

He has prayed that the court dissolves the marriage as the wife’s behavior has taken a toll on his physical and mental well-being thereby causing him to suffer poor health.

He further wants the court to give him prime custody of the children while his wife be given reasonable access to the said children.

“The respondent’s unreasonable behavior has caused the petitioner immense embarrassment and mental anguish and has adversely affected his religious faith and spiritual growth,” Mulenga stated.


  1. Filungula Namenshi

    This will always be the problem with self ordained Bishops or Bee Soaps whatever. Church used to be the safest place in olden days but now it is a battle field.

  2. Terrance

    Mulenga said this, Mulenga said this and . it’s his side story; Let’s not judge based on one side of the story.

  3. Chansa Themba Borris

    Very unfortunate situation.Whatever the case,God will always remain the final judge.


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