Mafinga ~ Tue, 19 Jan 2021

By Brightwell Chabusha

President Edgar Lungu has said he will engage ZICTA over the continued abuse of social media to ensure that perpetrators face the wrath of the Law.

The Head of State noted that the abuse of social media had become rampant in the country, and that those in the habit of such abuse must be blocked in the same way outgoing American President Donald Trump was blocked.

President Lungu said during a meeting with the clergy in Mafinga yesterday that countries like America had proven that unscrupulous individuals who abuse social media could be blocked from accessing it.

He stressed the need for citizens to learn from what happened in USA, saying those who abuse social media could be barred from accessing it.

The President challenged ICT experts in the country to explore ways in which social media abusers could be blocked from accessing it.

“Just like how the US President was blocked when he incited violence,” he said.

He called on the church to help government impart good in Zambians.

And representing the Clergy Rev Leonard Kaluba called on government to regulate social media as it was affecting people’s morals in the district.

Reverend Kaluba said social media was eroding morals in young people.


  1. Dont protect yourself protect the constitution

    Lungu stop being silly. The government of the US has not banned Trump. its Twitter and Facebook who have banned him. It will surely be challenged and given the US laws, Trump will have his tweeting restored again. The state certainly not the President shouldnt be advocating for muzzling his citizens like you are doing

    • Choolwe Haantuba

      It is these white people in black skin who have spoiled the social media. You cannot tell a head of state leke you did. who ever you are hiding behind a phone or key board shame on you. It is a timely warning we do not need insolent little chaps who are misguided and brought up in the backyard. if you have lived in America you cannot bring that here. We may be poor but we are first class citizens with our own vallues. Insults belong to the dust bin. You may not like Lungu, but he holds a position respected by its citizens. You have dented the name of so many Zambians in the diaspora.

    • Bishop

      Protect the law through constitution

      • John sangwa's Student

        Bishop Its the other way around; protect the constitution with the law. The constitution gives birth to the laws. It is the guide for laws. The laws will then protect the constitution

    • Sangwa Chagwa


  2. Concerned citizen amplified

    By the way you can’t call the president silly. Have manners. If you don’t like the president you have a way of coming out not the way you have done it. President is a is a Zambian trophy and a flag carrier whether you like it or not. So let’s respect him.

    • Bishop

      💯% true…respect should be maintained even if you are in opposition’s line

    • Pharaoh

      Indeed you have spoken wisely. I don’t know if there’s any sense in insulting and what’s the benefits.These are the chaps who are trained to insult even their biological fathers and mothers.Shame !.

  3. Moses

    You are right concerned amplified, if this guy is on Zambian soil, he shall be followed.Honestly you can’t call the president silly. Whether you like it or not he is ruling you up to 2026 because I don’t see your idol HH being a president of zambia.

  4. Free from homage

    PF Cadres ganging up in attempts to suppress the free internet media; you are hoping Lungu will notice you and make you ambassador to Uganda mwailasha he will be removed in August. Who is a President not to be called silly? He may be your idol but he is human like any other so he can be silly. You people are the ones who create Musevenis and Mobutus and Idi Amins because you make them think they are sent to us from God. Atase!

  5. d chewe

    Zi CTA should find that person who has called our leader silly whether he or she is outside Zambia to be the first culprit of abusing social media.respect elder people and those in leadership

  6. Joseph Lungu

    Or Lungu being shown the door like Trump. and I hope he will not refuse to leave office should the people decide that they do not need him any longer. As to insults, people will react to you according to the way you present yourself and the company you keep. As to the so called church leaders, let them keep to their archaic doctrines and leave cyber space. Social media does not dupe people into following it like pastors do with their churches, people come to social media because they have found it useful. Actually, even some churches and pastors use it. Restricting people is not the solution. The solution is for leaders to build higher moral probity so that the young ones are in awe and would not dare insult them.

    • Chilliboy Kapilipili

      Probity and PF can never be in the same sentence. Show me one PF member who isn’t corrupt and I will show you heaven. These faggots are the worst examples you can point to as leaders.They only leadin theft. They can only be revealed when they are out of power because right now the police protect them. That is whythey are on thhe lookout for those who call them by their right names; thieves, criminals, thugs, crooks,. Silly? that is too soft. THEY ARE OUTRIGHT FOOLS

      • Visonless I've Fallen Lungu

        @Chilliboy Kapilipili, you are absolutely right. PF including their silly leader Lungu are a bunch of inept idiots. Just when you think they can’t go any lower …boom!, the idiots do it with ease.

  7. Jessey Lingard

    Well spoken words by the President..

  8. Zedpeople

    The use of social media for exposing the wrongs has largely been beneficial in many instances. Without social media a lot of things would be different in this country. For this reason we should not be talking of blocking Social Media at this stage, yes, everyone should be accountable and reasonable in the use of this beautiful too, the epitome of freedom of speech as enshrined in our constitution.

  9. Pharaoh

    The only accountability for one misusing social media is for the ZICTA through the ICT is to block the accesseor full stop just like when one misbehaves with a bank ATM pin code

  10. Tasila Nenze Hule Mwanza

    This rat in State House.

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