Lusaka ~ Tue, 19 Jan 2021

By Brightwell Chabusha

A physically challenged person has petitioned the Lusaka High Court seeking an order that ZCAS University Limited enrolls Him for a degree programme in Computer Network repair.

Mr Kasongo Wilson Kafwembe, who is hearing impaired, has asked the court to declare that the decision by ZCAS to refuse to issue him with an application form is discriminatory and in breach of Article 23 (2) and (3) of theConstitution chapter 1 of the Laws of Zambia.

Mr Kafwembe has also cited the Attorney General in this case.

The is further seeking a declaration that the government’s failure to promulgate rules, issue guidelines and put in place measures to ensure non-discrimination of the petitioner in enrollment
in higher education course as mandatorily enjoined by Section 22 of the Persons with Disabilities Act No 6 of 2012 is not only violative of the said Act but is also ultra vires Article 23 (2) and (3) of the Constitution Cap 1 of the Laws of Zambia.

Mr Kafwembe, who is employed at National Pensions Scheme Authority (NAPSA) as a Web Chat Agent in the Call Centre, is further seeking  an order that he be availed application forms for entrance into the Degree Programme of Computer Network Repair and the said application be fairly processed for consideration for admission into the programme.

He explained that on November 9, 2020, he visited the university with a view to collect an application form in order to apply for enrolment in
the degree programme of Computer Network Repair where the university’s servants or agents tasked with issuing out application forms, refused to issue out the said application form to him on account of the fact that he is deaf.

Mr Kafwembe is now seeking damages, interest and costs of or incidental to the petition.


  1. Jahman metal

    Discrimination is not acceptable.

  2. Dominic

    This I believe has nothing to do with discrimination.They probably have no lecturers who can handle deaf students.It is like a heart patient going to a clinic in say Kalingalinga and request the institution to perform a heart surgery.Surely this cannot be done there.I urge Mr Kafwembe to research and maybe some other institution have a facility to offer him the degree he dearly wants.Suing ZCAS is in my opinion being unfair.Going forward,we should encourage ZCAS to explore possibilities of acquiring facilities and personnel to cater for students like Mr Kafwembe.

  3. Gibby

    I conquer with you Dominic.They don’t just have lectures for special education.kafwembe should just get enrolled to other universities who have the facilities.So my advice to kafwembe is that he should withdraw the case and for ZCAS,they should start having such facilities.

  4. More-Source

    I believe mr kafwembe had made a thorough research and was aware of zcas capabilities before choosing to pursue his studies with them….being an employee of the national pension scheme authority (NAPSA) he solely understood what he was doing …the least zcas would have done was to explain to him why the institution doesnt provide services for people with special needs …not refusing to offer him an application letter….to me that sounds more like discrimination ….as the employee tasked to issue application letter made there on judgment based on appearance of mr Kafwembe…..I say I proceeds with his claims…….

    Being deaf can’t stop him from doing self studies and writing the exams ….would it?

    I don’t think so…..


    What Kafwembe has done is a wake up call to the Government and Private Institutions to start providing services to people living with disabilities. Besides, these institutions must be user friendly.

  6. Zedpeople

    As a nation we need to be progressive, the discrimatory tendencies should be fought at all cost. Government should also be hiring people with disabilities.

  7. Renox

    They have no right to not to accept him if he feels he wants to pursue a degree let him

  8. Distant observer

    Do unza or cbu offer courses to pipo with special needs like our brother?

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