Lusaka ~ Wed, 20 Jan 2021

By Brightwell Chabusha

President Edgar Lungu has questioned the much talked about COVID-19 vaccine and has advised that the drug is put to test before being administered on citizens.

The Head of State said his government has not been furnished with information on how long the vaccine can be effective in the body.

President Lungu has since appealed to Zambians to adhere to face masking, sanitizing and social distancing.

And Health Minister Dr Jonas Chanda has called on ZAMRA to withdraw all uncertified COVID-19 drugs from pharmacies.


  1. Next King

    Yes Presido. A suggestion would be for the US, UK, EU and Canadian ambassadors to take it first. There after the Chinese ambassador followed by the Australian ambassador or representative. We can then follow. But Bowman should be among the first in Zambia.

    • Lookout

      The covid vaccine should first be admistered in southern province.

  2. Styles

    The countries exporting these vaccines do not have enough to cover their populations just yet. Do you really expect them to give you qenuine articles? Develop own remedies and don’t always look for “help” from outside. These people are out to kill you off. Britain with its high quality medical infrastructure is losing over a thousand people a day to covid. Population culling….

  3. Horace

    The President is condemning Zambians to death with this sort of negative statement. Over 4 million people in the UK have been vaccinated, how much more testing does he think is necessary?

    • tom

      Unbelievable! Who is going to give you the vaccines anyway? They are looking out for their own citizens first. Go on with your antics.

  4. Gibby

    Horace dont be Petty , let the vaccine be tested first before being administered on zambians as the president has directed.

  5. Zedpeople

    It is sad that a routine issue of introducing a new molecule or drug or vaccine is being politized. We have in place protocols which guides the way products are introduced on the Zambian and regional market/s. Testing a vaccines on the Zambian population would mean a clinical trail. What population would volunteer for such undertaking and what about the lost time? Have we had this approach for HIV meds, cancer meds and many other meds/vaccines? Again, no product should be sold on our market without the necessary approaches from the regulators.

    • Diaspora

      Do we? I guess you never heard of Honey Bee scandal and the defective condoms that were subjected to the same protocols you seem to believe in!

  6. Moses

    Condoms and gloves were subjected to test,and they were found to be porous and the minister was fired so what’s wrong with testing covid vaccine.Dont be dull ba zed people.

  7. Phinias

    He looks to be an agent of HH, always wanting things to be bad for the country , I don’t see anything wrong in testing the vaccine before testing. Zed people is really dull

  8. Bishop

    Are vaccines cure for Covid19????

  9. Johnson

    I conquer wth you

  10. Godfrey Byaruhanga

    Someone wants to dupe me of my money, that the Zambian Government has made it a must for every expatriate to vaccinate upon entry by paying $505.

    How true is this?

  11. I agree with the President...the vaccine should be rejected in Jesus name..

    I agree wythwith the President the vaccine coming outside Africa should be rejected.

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