Mopani Takeover Meant To Protect Interests Of Zambians – ECL

Chinsali ~ Fri, 22 Jan 2021

By Brightwell Chabusha

Unlike those who are doubting their capacity to run the mines, my government believes that Zambians can successfully run them, President Edgar Lungu has said.

President Lungu said there is nothing wrong with government acquiring shares in the mines especially when the investor was not keen at pumping in resources.

He said when he addressed Village headmeen in Chinsali District of Muchinga Province that all the mines in the country were run by Zambians in the past.

The Head of State, however, said it was time to be innovative and come up with ideas on how best Zambians can run their own mines.

President Lungu said the acquisition of shares in Mopani Copper Mine is meant to protect the interests  of Zambians.

He says the acquisition of shares in Mopani mine was done through a negotiated deal adding that his government is not preoccupied with the selling of national assets like mines.

He assured the general public that his government will ensure that businesses become profitable for the benefit of the workers and all Zambians.

The Head of State also said he will not be distracted but ensure that Mopani operates well and that ZCCM-IH will manage to meet its obligations with regard to its decision to acquire shares in Mopani.


  1. Gibby

    This is hilarious we are having our mines back the ones which were sold by HH and made himself rich.

  2. lora

    Too early to get excited.

  3. Ngoma Yamaano

    This statement is just meant to endear Lungu to the gullible citizens. Lungu’s eyes are on the 2021 elections. So for now Lungu is not concerned about how and what will sustain the operations of the mines. Lungu is interested to attract voters so that he can continue as president after the 2021 elections. Dont be fooled, this is similar to the Dununa reverse song.

  4. Choolwe Haantuba

    We need confidence in ourselves to move out of the third world mentality. Our colleagues in Zimbabwe did not have much confidence in running their own affairs so when the whites pulled out or were chased away the economy of Zimbabwe was sabotaged because whites could go to UK, SA, Australia, Newzealand etc. A few elite Zimbos did the same but the net effect is that you have all runaway and left villagers to run the country. The result? your guess is as good as mine. So let us support the move to manage a lot of our affairs, otherwise our briefcase business men are waiting to be middlemen to resale our assets. Our true independence lies in atleast 50% of Zambians moving to middle income not only HH but many Zambians. And that midlle income should not be attained only by selling mines or inheriting cattle.

  5. Iwe

    Capitalism is a devil economical money sacking and it pleases the whiteman not us owners of mines.

  6. Frank Chombela

    U don’t protect interests of Zambians by signing one-sided sale agreements such as the one with Glencore. If Edgar Lungu’s agents are serious about what they have signed on behalf of Zambia, let them answer simple questions from those who doubt this deal.

  7. Musyani

    The mines where privatized coz government didn’t have money to pump into them,government to run them successfully is a lie,just look at government departments which run properly,our ministry of health cant even source medicines coz the government doesn’t pay,hence this honey bee saga.
    We need investors in those mines,so why didn’t you nationalize the mine if you want to run it,the root you chose liquidation is winding down and selling assets,you even gave the mine to ur cadre milingo a lawyer to run it,I suspect it’s just being used as a cash cow to support your party in the up coming elections,the intention to liquidate is wrong and it will cost the country alot of money to pay off vendetta and already we all alot as a country.

  8. Razor

    This is just a gimmick. Elections are near so he is trying to please those 15000 miners in order to get those 15000 votes plus those of their families which might even reach 30000 which in itself is a significant number because you might just lose by 30000 votes. Immediately after elections most of these will be on the streets.

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