Vatican Appoints Fr Airoldi as Monze Diocese Administrator

The Vatican has appointed Reverend Father Francesco Airoldi as Apostolic Administrator following the death of Monze Diocese Bishop Moses Hamungole.

According to a statement from the Apostolic Nunciature in Zambia, Father Airroldi who is a Priest of the clergy of the Archdiocese of Milan and Parish Priest in the Diocese of Monze will take canonical possession of the Diocese while a long term replacement is being sought.

“I kondly wish you to be united with me in prayer for the Diocese of Monze and for the Very Rev. Fr Francesco Airoldi, who has generously accepted the request of the Holy Father for the good of the people of God in this tragic time of the second wave of the pandemic,” states Apostolic Nuncio Archbishop Gianfranco Gallone.

Bishop Moses Hamungole died on January 14, 2021 after succumbing to Covid-19 related complications.



  1. ogwang John Robert

    May The Almighty God help you in your new journey.

  2. nshilimubemba

    The only big problem with the Catholic Church is the non preaching of the gospel, if salvation through Jesus Christ is not preached then it is just a waste time.
    Iam not accusing the promoted Bishop but the system it self which doesn’t allow people to know how they can be saved, they have a lot of good people following blindly as it is leading them to eternal damnation.
    Mary was never a redeemer but Jesus was and still is the only Saviour of the whole world glory be to God.

    • misguided thesis and views,, you have no jurisdiction to start censuring the catholic church and its doctrine,,, stop uttering out youe utterings if you know you are ignorant


    • Wawa

      If u don’t have anything to write about plz consult don’t behave like a satan

  3. Kawasaki

    @Nshilimubemba, you are wasting our time with your ignorance. Who told you the Catholic don’t preach the gospel? Fimo muleikala fye if you have nothing to say.

  4. Mwaekwa

    @ Nshilimubemba brother. If you don’t understand the Doctrine it is better to keep quiet.

  5. Jessey Lingard

    May the Almighty God be with you as you be delivering God message to the people

  6. Litia Ngombala

    I wish you all the best. In Christ, we trust.

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