Hamududu Ready for August Presidential Polls

Opposition Party of National Unity and Progress president Highvie Hamududu says this year’s tripartite election should be for the people and not politicians.

Addressing a press briefing at Mika Hotel this morning, where he declared the party’s readiness to participate in the general election, Hamududu said the August 12 polls must not be business as usual.

He said the Zambian economy has been on a downward spiral because of the unclear, unpredictable and inconsistent economic policy positions of the PF government.

Hamududu told cheering party supporters that this gloomy economic situation prevailing in the nation cannot continue beyond the forthcoming tripartite elections.

He urged Zambians to vote for the PNUP because, all factors kept constant, the party leadership’s free market economic policies can transform Zambia within 36 months.


  1. Frank Chombela

    No one should be stopped from dreaming. He won’t even manage to file parliamentary candidates in all constituencies in one province.

    • Chris Mweene

      You are just sound afraid of his presence.
      Anyways continue to think that way. You’ll be shocked when you see that he has won.

  2. Chris Mweene

    Just as you are ready for the August presidential elections. We shall be ready to vote for you as well!

  3. Mapalo

    We shall support you. We need a new candidate. We are tired of these guys that keep contesting all over and all over again.

  4. Chanda

    Of all the politicians in this country, you are issued based. You don’t focus on attacking others but instead you are focus on what’s important! Keep it up

  5. Thomas Hamoonga

    Seeing how you led as an MP for 10years. You have experience in the political environment. You have a taste of how things work. I would rather vote for you who has been in parliament than vote for those that have never participated in the passing of a bill!

  6. kikki

    Still a premature party. You’re just sponsored to divide votes in dundumwezi. 2021 Aug is Biden/Trump way. No time for jokers. Change is coming.

  7. Lethal weapon

    Kamwile kukala mudala…stop wasting people’s time…kamunwa mabisi akulya mbwilila.
    You are not ready for elections kaka.

  8. Razor

    Please don’t waste our time and your money.

  9. Mike mulongo

    Best candidate ever. You are well to contest. From the way you articulate issue of governance, you have my vote. Let other politicians emulate you. Issues only.

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