Lutembwe River Drowning Victim’s Body Still Missing

VILLAGERS at Musadane village in Chief Mishoro’s area in Kasenengwa District have failed to find the body of a four-year-old boy who drowned on Lutembwe River on 16th January 2021.
Last week Eastern Province police commissioner Geza Lungu said the boy drowned together with his grandmother Maureen Mbao but the body of the woman was retrieved.

“We received a report that Maureen Mbao aged between 50 and 60 years together with juvenile Joseph Banda who was at her back drowned on Lutembwe River due to heavy current as they were trying to cross the same river. This accident occurred between 08:30 hours and 09:00 hours on 16 January 2021 at Mukwane village crossing point. Relatives searched for the bodies and only managed to retrieve that of the woman while that of Maureen Banda has not been found yet,” he said.

But an eye witness Masauso Banda said that the body of the boy has not yet been retrieved.
“These people stay in Magazine compound in Chipata but they have a field at Musadane village. So, on the material day, they came to their field and met their fate on the way back. They were four in total, but the woman and the child she had carried on the back drowned while two others a boy and a girl survived,” Banda said.

He said the villagers intensified the search for the body.
“As I am talking to you now the body of the boy has not yet been found. We are still looking for it although the volume of the water has increased. We are doing everything possible to retrieve the body,” Banda said.

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