Lubasenshi aspiring candidate Ms Mutolo Mwamba continued her activities in the constituency by holding various meetings.

Me Mwamba was given a thunderous welcome by the people of Lubasenshi.

She first visited the local headman where she donated some disinfectants to help the community fight the deadly COVID-19 pandemic.

She later met the local football teams and donated soccer balls and jerseys.

She encouraged the youths to be active and not to be used as tools of violence by politicians who do not mean well for them.

Ms Mwamba also met women clubs where she donated farming inputs and oodstuffs.


  1. FuManchu

    “Mind Your Language” it can be fun on lighter note! The irony that Zambian political expediency has brought on the once peaceful Zambian people by people who think ethnic tribes are universal in Zambia, I had a chuckle over the name Mutolo Mwamba for with no malice or offense, in Tonga “Mutolo Mwamba” an obviously respectable name in the aspirants tribe, in Tonga it would be a complete sentence defining Mwamba as lazy! Thus “Lazy Mwamba!” thus when coming across words of similar spellings to one’s mother tongue let us not box ourselves but try to think in context of usage and setting or seek guidance if lost of meaning from respectable custodians!

  2. Sunta Sunkutu

    Is this the same lady who sang the chorus on the song “dear lelo”? With James chamanyazi? She was also seen dancing in the same video and appeared in numerous other muvi TV music videos? From there on she moved to a respected muvi TV presenter and news caster?
    If its the same lady then well done to her. She’s going from strength to strength. I can see she’s following the same path as big sister Dora siliya. Go for it girl, why not?

  3. Ignatius Mutale

    Thanks honorable

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