Lusaka ~ Mon, 25 Jan 2021

By Brightwell Chabusha

The Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) has written to Likili Motorways informing the public transport operator that its road safety profile is  following a number of road traffic accidents recorded in the recent past.

RTSA Director and CEO Mr Gladwell Banda made the observation in a letter written to the operator recently following an exculpatory letter written by Likili Motorways Ltd contending the Agency’s intention to revoke its road service licence.

“The RTSA recently engaged Likili Motorways Ltd to show cause why it’s Road Service Licence (RSL) should not be revoked following a road traffic accident that happened along the Great North Road in Kabwe on 26th December 2020. Five (5) people died on the spot and several others sustained serious injuries following the fatal road accident which happened around 06:50 hours,” Mr Banda said in a statement issued by RTSA acting head of public relations Mukela Mangolwa.

He said despite the operator submitting that it has a fleet management policy in place and is also implementing a GPS system, the Agency is still concerned with the effectiveness of the monitoring mechanism as the RTSA has noticed that the operator’s drivers are still able to drive at excessive speed.

“Given the aforementioned the Agency will, in due course, send a team of officers to assess the effectiveness of the operator’s fleet safety measures after which the Agency will, if necessary, make further recommendations for improvements in order to enhance the safety of the operator,” Mr Banda stated.

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