Chingola Man Surrenders Himself after Killing Wife

A 45-year-old man of Chingola has surrendered himself to police after killing his wife following a domestic dispute.

Joshua Mumba of Nchanga North is alleged to have squandered K200 that was meant to buy necessities at home sparking rage in his wife.

The move resulted in him picking up a quarrel with his wife which later led to a fight.

Copperbelt Police Chief Elias Chushi said the suspect is alleged to have beaten his wife Violet Kachimba, 40, using fists and a big stick leading to her death.

Chushi said the deceased sustained bruises and a deep cut on her head adding that the body has been moved to Nchanga North Hospital mortuary.

“It is alleged that, the husband squandered K200, cash money meant to buy necessities for the family,” he stated.

Chushi said the suspect is currently in police custody.


  1. john musonda

    lack of self control , see judge , act know why you are here

  2. Frank Chombela

    It’s not lack of self-control but serious hardship facing most families. This is leading to failure by most men and women to provide for their families and is leading to regular bickering. It’s not possible to have a normal conversation when there’s hunger in the family.

  3. Emmanuel musonda


  4. FuManchu

    Realities of an economy that is poorly performing being felt at unit (family/home) level. Tension is gripping everyone coupled with frustration and many are seeking ways to release valve and let out! Pity the man as he probably acted under force of being tensed up and the normal being within self had failed him! I guess Lusambo coordinates his brain and heart to understand what his K2 million shopping change would mean to 10 000 families some of whom are supporters of PF!

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