Nivea Lotion Theft Lands Chipata Women in Court

A 53-year-old woman of Chipata who is alleged to have stolen Nivea lotion from Shoprite has requested to take fresh plea in the Chipata Magistrates’ court claiming that she was in a confused state after taking Anti-Retroviral Therapy drugs when taking the previous plea.

Linda Kabunda who is appearing before resident magistrate Betty Mwiinga pleaded guilty to the charge of theft when she first appeared in court but changed plea the following day when facts of the matter were about to be presented by the state.

On Monday, when she appeared for mention before resident magistrate Destiny Kalusopa because magistrate Mwiinga was out, Kabunda told the court that she wanted to take fresh plea.

Kabunda told the court that she was in a confused state when she took plea and that she only realised later that she did not answer according.

Magistrate Kalusopa said she was just appearing before him for mention because the magistrate who was handling the matter was out.

He adjourned the matter to February 26, 2021.

Kabunda is alleged to have stolen Nevea lotion valued at K1 272 from Shoprite stores in Chipata on January 27, 2021.


  1. john musonda

    too sad my sister just work hard things you steal will not take you any where learn to sweat for your wealth and seek wisdom from GOD AND YOU WILL SAY WHY WAS I WASTING MY TIME STEALING i pray that well wishers can come in and help you pay for this and that shoprite management can withdraw the case as they forgive you- it is my PRAYER but change my sister, stay blessed in JESUS NAME -AMEN

  2. Charles

    Isn’t the price of the lotion exaggerated here?

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