Chipata ~ Mon, 22 Feb 2021

By Brightwell Chabusha

The Zambia Medicines Regulatory Authority (ZAMRA) has seized consignments of Ivermectin Tablets from three pharmacies in Chipata district, Eastern Province.

The three pharmacies are Motala Pharmacy, Chipata Chemist Limited and Healthcure Pharmacy Limited.

ZAMRA senior public relations officer Christabel Illiamupu disclosed in a statement that proprietors of the affected retail outlets have since been warned and cautioned for illegal sale of Ivermectin pending regulatory action.

“In Zambia, Ivermectin Injection has been registered and authorised for veterinary use only. Currently, there is no conclusive clinical evidence to support the use of Ivermectin for prevention or treatment of COVID-19,” she said. “The Authority has intensified its surveillance inspection and wishes to advise pharmaceutical outlets to refrain from illegal importation and sale of Ivermectin or risk regulatory action and or prosecution by law.”

Ms Illiamupu encouraged members of the public to adhere to the current Ministry of Health guidelines on prevention and treatment of COVID-19 and should refrain from self-prescribing with any unauthorised medical products as their safety and efficacy has not been established.


  1. Razor

    There are many pharmacies and chemists that are selling this and other illegal drugs under the counter. Most of then import these drugs through courier companies or post office which are not even scrutinized by ZAMRA.

  2. Mooya

    There is need to look around and see his this drug is saving lives. This drug is being used. This is life saving drug. Let us save lives and stop saving lives of animals. RSA has legalized the use of this drug and other highly developed countries. Do people have a choice now? No. Remember you are on record of providing expired drugs to the public. How do you deal with this matter for people. Ivermectin is saving lives. Ask people who were near death and survived. We really have no choice.

  3. MJ

    Sometimes you wonder if ZAMRAs brains are in order. Pharmacies are being named and shamed for supplying life-saving medicines.

  4. MCS

    Confisicated so they can use for themselves when they strike positive.

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