Lamba Chief Toots for Lungu

Chieftainess Lesa of the Lamba speaking people of Mpongwe District on the Copperbelt has praised President Edgar Lungu and his government on the number of developmental projects taking place in different parts of the country.

And the traditional leader has urged opposition political party leaders to respect the fact that President Lungu is the one holding the Presidential office.

Speaking when Patriotic Front Copperbelt mobilisation Chairman Bowman Lusambo called on her at her palace, Chieftainess Lesa said she is appreciative to government on developments in her Chiefdom.

She is however saddened that some political party leaders in the opposition have no respect for the Presidency.


Chieftainess Lesa said for now President Lungu is in charge and should be respected adding that those not happy should wait for their time to come through an electoral process.

Meanwhile, Lusambo has assured the traditional leader of government’s commitment to work on the Mpongwe Machiya Road.

Lusambo also indicated that his government will also link Mpongwe to Kabwe to maximize economic benefits between the two Districts.

He said that President Lungu has focused his attention on delivering to the people.

Lusambo also complained that the Head of State is having difficulties to work with Opposition MP’s in taking developments to some parts of the Country because they are not willing to be part of government’s development agenda.


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  1. Benjamin hamapumbu

    Which development naimwe be realistic bamusahanina bwali

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