Mphongwe Hit by Floods

About 1531 hectares of crop fields have been flooded following persistent rains in Mpongwe District on the Copperbelt.

And Mpongwe District Commissioner Keith Maila fears the district will suffer crop failure following the floods.

Maila said that most farmers have reported to his office that their crops have submerged in water due to rains being experienced in the area.

He said his office is engaging the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit to see how those affected can be assisted.

“You are aware that Mpongwe is a major contributor to the country’s food basket but this year we have been hit by a disaster, we may not produce like we do every year this is because of the floods we are experiencing,” he stated.

Maila said most farmers are worried on how they will survive and also take their children to school because most of them depend on farming for their survival.


“When we receive rains, everyone gets excited but this doesn’t appear to be the case this year because the rains have destroyed crops, we are making efforts as government to see what we can do” Maila said.



  1. Buck teeth lungu

    We will recover

  2. Mr True

    Ba Zambia reports have a good news coverage now. Keep it up.
    We are tired of that kind of news ati HH aba kawalal and then Lungu agwira muzimai.
    Your duty is to tell us what is happening around country like you are doing now. E.g flood this part os the country, shot dead his girlfriend, investors planing to come to Zambia, FAZ to have its elections this year etc.
    balance of the equation.

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