Lusaka ~ Mon, 01 Mar 2021

By Brightwell Chabusha

Youths of Substance Forum (YSF) has called on political parties to adopt youthful candidates in the fourth coming General Election.

YSF National Coordinator Rudolf Mwanza said in a statement issued to the media today that youths have realized their potential to run the political activities ahead of the general elections.

Mr Mwanza has also demanded for politics of civility and development from political players.

He said the Forum will campaign against political violence.

Mr Mwanza said YSF will sensitize the general public on the negative effect on Voter apathy.

“Political parties must also adopt youthful candidate in the fourth coming General Election. As youths of substance forum we seek to ensure that the youths realize their potential in Governance and political activities in the country especially during this year’s General Elections,” he said.

“As youths of substance forum (YSF) we demand politics of civility and development. We will make sure we campaign against political violence and sensitize on the negative effect on Voter apathy. Remember Zambia is a Christian Nation, let us unite as one Zambia, one nation, one people and fight against political violence.”

Mr Mwanza stressed that elections dictate the future of any country especially one that is dependent on youths for a prosperous future like Zambia.

He has implored youths to refrain from engaging in political violence.

Mr Mwanza noted that some political players are in a habit of using youths as tools for political violence.

“So in awake of the fourth coming general Elections I urge the Zambian youths to refuse being used as tools of political violence by selfish politicians. Among the cardinal voters will be the youths to decide the leaders to be elected into office. It is however sad to note that many youths are being used as tools of political violence each time there are campaigns, therefore am urging the Zambian youths to refrain from political violence and campaign peacefully,” he said. “A united and peaceful country can easily attain national development. Therefore, I have felt prudent to appeal to all the youths and members of political parties to refrain from any form of violent activities that are aimed at bringing division and instability if Zambia was to see notable development in all sectors of the country.”

Mr Mwanza said youths should love one another so that the country can remain peaceful and united.

And Mr Mwanza called on the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) and the Police to provide an equal playing filed to all the political parties participating in the coming General Elections adding that this will allow the Zambian people to elect their candidates of choice.


  1. Zambian

    Youths must be courageous enough to form their own political parties. Look at Malema and his EFF. It all youths who have stormed parliament and changing the course of South African Polotics. The Zambian Youths have the brains , have the energy anf have the numbers on their sides. Why always beg from nkotes for a parliamentary seat when you can fight for it on your own?

  2. blackberry

    Bill 10 was going to take care of such. But in their own minds the oppsition shot the bill down.

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