Lusaka ~ Wed, 31 Mar 2021

By Brightwell Chabusha

It is apparent that the UPND has already smelt another election loss and has now started preparing grounds to justify their loss, once pronounced after the August 12 Presidential and General Elections, acting Chief Government Spokesperson Stephen Kampyongo has said.

Following UPND president Hakainde Hichilema’s letter to the international community complaining about the preparation of the voter’ register, Mr Kampyongo disclosed that government finds the move by the opposition leader irrational.

Mr Kampyongo, who is also Minister of Home Affairs, said the exercise in question was highly consultative adding that the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) has been undertaking the process “without leaving anyone behind.”

“Government finds irrational and disturbing reports in some sections of the media that the opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) has written to the African Union (AU) and the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) to complain about a process that has been highly consultative,” he said.

“The preparation of a voters’ register, which the UPND leader Mr Hakainde Hichilema is complaining about to the international community, is a process that the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) has been undertaking without leaving anyone behind. Political parties; civil society organisations; and both national and international collaborating partners have been involved in this process from inception.”

The Minister said the preparation of the voters’ register has been conducted in an exceptionally transparent manner and that there are sufficient local grievance resolution avenues that anyone who has a problem with the process can use to be heard and be assisted.

Mr Kampyongo said the UPND ought to know the limitations of international stakeholders in how far they can go in expressing themselves on local matters like registration of voters.

He however called on Mr Hichilema to desist from exciting his party members unnecessarily and, instead, concentrate on mobilising his supporters to verify their details in the voters’ register.


  1. Razor

    Kampyongo doesn’t have a grade 12 certificate. He should prepare for his exit.

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  3. Chendabusiku

    It is a very sad situation that we find ourselves in. First we hve an under-ive for an opposition politician, then he is all over the place, he can’t sit and find solutions within our country. This is a typical third world mentality of HH. He thinks that solutions will only come from outside.At first he had so much hope that trump will come and fix Africa’s problems. Where is his Trump to day? And now he is all over writing to organisations that may not help him much. If he has been relying on ghost voters for his apparent popularity, now he has no where to hide. All these are cheap tactics to justify his planned underhand actions after his loss in August. But we will not allow him to disturb our God given peace.

  4. Watcher

    it is unfortunately that in a democratic Country like Zambia we don’t have an genuine opposition political party that can provide checks and balances. UPND is a group of Tonga People and their Sympathizers with the aim of putting a Tonga person into presidency. No Political plan or governance strategies….

    I don’t see change of government soon. Even UPND knows it. All UPND members follow blindingly a good business man but a fool politically

    • TTT_1980

      @Watcher… I thin its you who is foolish. So the more than 1 million people who voted for him last time were Tonga..

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