Chavuma ~ Fri, 02 April 2021

By Brightwell Chabusha

President Edgar has said that he will work with former UPND spokesperson Charles Kakoma who recently joined the ruling PF to develop North Western Province.

President Lungu said through through Foreign Affairs Minister Joseph Malanji when he represented the Head of State at the funeral of Kakoma’s in-law Chisengo Nyalute that people in Chavuma District and entire Province should always vote for people who represent their interests during election times.

“I would now like to make friendship with Kakoma so that we can work together in the government of the day and develop all of these people of Chavuma and the whole of North-Western,” he said.

And Malanji assured the bereaved family that President Lungu and the government together with the citizens are mourning with them in their trying moment.

He also mentioned that the President understands that the villages are the custodians of traditions and customs hence the need to build and educate the children whilst preserving the culture.

Meanwhile, Malanji said the people of North-Western should take President Lungu as an example of a political leader who has a heart for the people for bringing development to North-Western Province despite receiving few votes from the region.

“Last year, you all saw for yourselves how President Edgar Lungu came to commission a hospital despite receiving very few votes in the 2016 general elections from the people of this region. Such is humanity and true leadership,” he said.


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  2. Magaba

    During privatization the selling of companies if only that money from the sales could have been channelled in building schools, hospital s, roads,bridges etc. Zambia would have been a different nation all together. Thanks to PF who have just started fixing things. North-western will surely develop

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