Eastern Province FDD Bigwig Backs Nawakwi Candidacy

Eastern Province FDD chairperson Boniface Zimba says party leader Edith Nawakwi is ready to contest this year’s elections.

Speaking after his re-election during the provincial conference, Zimba said party members should remain united.

“We are going to continue working as a team, I want to assure the

people of Eastern Province that we are not going to leave them behind and we are not going to disappoint our party members. We will make sure we drive the spirit of love in our party,” he said.

Zimba said party leader Edith Nawakwi was ready to contest the forthcoming elections.

“We have already started preparing for next year’s elections, in fact, I will tell you one thing, our party president is so ready to stand as presidential candidate during the upcoming 2021 presidential elections,” he said.

FDD vice-president Chifumu Banda urged the new executive committee to work hard as they prepare for the elections.

Mr Banda said the new executive committee should consult the old ones.



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