Police Corner Armed Lubuto Suspected Criminal

Police in Ndola have arrested a suspected criminal while three others escaped during an evening patrol in Lubuto Township.

The suspect was in the company of three others around Kalulu bar and attempted to run after seeing officers who were on patrol, but he was later apprehended.

Copperbelt Province Police Commissioner Elias Chushi has confirmed the development and said that the suspect was found in possession of an AK 47 rifle and ten rounds of ammunition.

“Lubuto police officers were on patrol they reached a place called kalulu bar, as they were patrolling, they came across a group of suspected criminals, who they confronted, but the suspects decided to run away, fortunately police apprehended one who was carrying a bag, after searching it, police recovered an AK 47 rifle and ten rounds of ammunition,” Chushi stated.

He said more details on the suspect are still being withheld as the matter is still under investigations that would lead to the arrest of other members of the groups.

Chushi explained that a manhunt has been launched to bring to book the other three who escaped after being confronted by Police.


  1. ChotI Davies

    No one is above law. Well done Police.

  2. Edith the Editor

    What is this story about? Police arresting a suspected criminal and tat is a story? He is suspected of what? Is he on the police wanted list? Answer those questions ba lipota ba nsala

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