Anxiety Grips Eastern Province Over PF Adoptions

Anxiety has gripped Eastern Province following the impending announcement of the adopted parliamentary candidates for the ruling Patriotic Front.

Some aspiring candidates are calm while others are already filled with mixed feelings.

The aspiring candidates will know their fate later today when secretary general Davies Mwila will announce the adopted candidates.

Just like what transpired in other provinces, some candidates sitting MPs will be adopted while others will be thrown to the wire.


The province has 14 PF MPs, three independent MPs and one MMD MP.

Of the 14, only 4 MPs are female.

Last week, a fake list of adopted candidates was posted on social media by some people but acting Eastern Province chairperson Alexander Miti rubbished it.

Mr Miti said the genuine list of adopted candidates will announced by Mr Mwila.


  1. Razor

    The one who is anxious is dora the explora. She is not sure whether her bottom power has worked against Jay Jay or not.


    will know their fate, will be thrown to the wire does not sound well.
    when Someone is not adopted to stand as an MP or at whatever level, does not mean the Party has abandoned Him or Her. its like in a football Team the Coach may Substitute some players but it still remains one Team with a common goal or purpose of winning the game. Let there be no seed of anger, bitterness just because someone has not been adopted. Infact the Team should even get more united and encourage those who have been adopted to work hard. A Team has Many players but not all of them will be in the pitch at the same time, others may be at the bench, yet in one accord. I submit

    • Mischisha

      Wise counsel

    • Shi Mulenga Robby

      Very true, atleast tuchili natukwata abamano like you. Well said.

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